My Top 5 'GM of the Year' Candidates for 2013 So Far, or 'A' is for Alagappan.

As we are saturated with moves made by teams during the NBA season and in off season, it doesn't take too long to tell which GM's are heading their organizations in the right direction, whether it be the immediate or distant future. It's also interesting because so many people have personal opinions concerning their own GM of choice, but I couldn't help but want to lay down a marker of how I think some are looking right now and some of the key factors influencing their decisions and the overall accelerating changng landscape of the NBA.

Look up Muthu Allagappan. He used a medical company's software (Ayasdi) to create a newtwork of mapped players based upon skills and difference not seen at surface level data. Here iis an example result of him having mapped the 5 basic positions into 10-13 positions needed for a team, which makes sense to so many fans, coaches, and owners. Everyone knows any given player may have skills that overlap another position. So it is said:

Alagappan modeling

1. Morey - In less than 2 year (?) has theoretically built the team up to NBA Title contender? Parsons, Harden, and Howard could be the exact trifecta needed, almost like the Jordan-Pippen-Kukoc/Kerr trifecta. Also known to have consulted with Alagappan.

2. Buford - Unparalleled in maintaining yet almost another title toward the end of this Spurs dynasty and in a small market.

3. Riley - 2 NBA Titles in a row... James said what, 7?. 8? ? Known to be betting on some of Alagappan's metrics.

4. Hollinger - Knew exactly what he was doing in the Rudy Gay trade. Now he continues to not only define the metrics inherently used throughout NBA analytics but is picking up the reigns from an already ground-up developed team, and all he has to do in find the finishing touches. Gay was an unnecessary piece (I wonder if this was decided after some consultation with Alagappan?) Alagappan is a medical student at Stanford who recently made headline at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at MIT for using medical software analysis on NBA data but was also in a number of paper front covers. Alagappan would consult with Miami's scouts and analytics members before each series to improve their plan moving forward. He uses Ayasdi Software which is based on networking algorithms, I believe. Read all about it; the geeks are taking over =)

5. Lindsey - Managing the prolonged melt down of what was a great thing (starting with Okur's injury in the 2010 playoffs when Utah had another good chance at a deep playoff run), has aligned and picked up the right current and future pieces on which to continue building this franchise. Utah stands in good position now and in the future to make quick headway. Someone already called a deep 2014/15 deep playoff run. I wouldn't be surprised. I would also say Lindsey is headed in the right direction in taking steps to insure the Jazz community stay connected and engaged in the team and organization, and I think he's already taken a lot of steps in that direction from bring back Sloan, keeping Corbin on the books, and allowing Malone some time to help them develope their bigs. He's done a great job at reaching out to existing untapped resources, and in the process, has earned us extra assets along the way.

On that note, the other way Lindsey could put a cheery on top of all of this is if he signed Neto, Roberts, and Tinsley. The Utah Jazz Family knows how to buckle down for a season, maintain faith in their investments (the youth), and realize tomorrow is another day (of which Utah will may have even more ample flexibility in the draft and free agency 2014).

Who do you think was GM of the year?

If I didn't correctly attribute the majority of a season to a GM who has already left and I missed giving due credit, please let me know. I didn't spend a ton of time searching to make sure the GM's listed below were with the corresponding organization for the majority of the important times of the NBA season (and off-season). I counted and I only have 29 GM's listed (i'm bad at counting by eye-sight), so help me pick out the one I missed or overlooked (or more?).

Also, here is a link to the information I used : GM's 2013

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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