Dennis Lindsay = evil genius

I read a comment on the board that went something like "I support all of the FO's moves this summer, except for not firing Corbin." That got me to thinking - is DL playing 11th dimensional chess here?

Here's the conventional wisdom: DL let all the decent vets walk and filled out the roster with scrubs to open up PT for the young bucks, while gaining a couple of assets and meeting the salary floor without impacting our future flexibility. In this scenario we get a heavy diet of Favors, Kanter, Hayward, Burks, and Burke - good enough players to win a decent share of games, but expected to take their lumps while they gain more experience and improve their games. They'd probably start coming together later in the season but this is still a mid-late lotto team.

But take a look at the players he brought in, and the coach he kept on board. It's a complete veteran lineup - one tantalizing enough for Corbin that there's a decent chance he'll play them a ton because he JUST CAN'T HELP HIMSELF!!!

C: Andris Biedrins. He averaged a double-double in 2008-2009! He looked like he was going to own the league! He just needed a change of scenery!

PF: Marvin Williams. He was a #2 overall pick, drafted ahead of Deron and CP3! He gives us a legit stretch 4!

SF: Richard Jefferson. He was really good for a while back in New Jersey! He was on the 2004 Olympic team!

SG: Brandon Rush. He actually is pretty good still!

PG: John Lucas III. Uh, he had that one kind of OK year for Chicago, and um... well... VETZZZZ!

So let's play this out. Corbin - because he can't help himself - plays the veterans way more than he should, at the expense of PT for the young hot shots. Does anybody think that lineup would be competitive in the NBA in 2014? Or even in the D-League?

So the Jazz suck mightily in the first half of the season. Vets play way too much. Young guys start making veiled comments about Corbin. Finally, around the all-star break with one of the worst records in the league the Jazz finally can Ty, to the relief and satisfaction of all. But the damage is done - young guys start playing and developing under a decent coach, but it's way too little too late for this season. Instead of a mid-late lotto team we have one of the worst records in the league.

And depending on the way the lottery ball bounces, end up with Wiggins / Parker / Smart. Just remember this after the 400th air-balled Biedrins free throw.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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