NBA Summer League 2013: Trey Burke, Alec Burks to headline Utah Jazz roster, 19 players announced!

This Guy's Older Brother - Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

I get pretty worn out by the time the NBA Draft is finished, but that's where things are just starting. In a few days the Utah Jazz will be participating again in the yearly Orlando Summer League. The Full Schedule and analysis can be found here, but if you just want to know the games here they are:

Here is the full Jazz schedule:

Date Game Time (MT)
Sunday July 7 Miami Heat vs Utah Jazz 11:00 AM
Monday July 8 No Jazz Game
Tuesday July 9 Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets 1:00 PM
Wednesday July 10 Utah Jazz vs Brooklyn Nets 9:00 AM
Thursday July 11 Indiana Pacers vs Utah Jazz 9:00 AM
Friday July 12 "Championship Day"

And the team should be there right now because some of the players were socially media-ing their way there.


Anyway, here are the 19 players selected to form the team:
Pos Name # HT WT From Age NBA EXP Notes
1 G Trey Burke 33 6 1 185 Michigan 20 0 He should dominate
2 G Alec Burks 10 6 6 205 Colorado 21 2 Third time playing summer league
3 G Kevin Murphy 55 6 6 185 Tennessee Tech 23 1 Needs on-court experience
4 F Jeremy Evans 40 6 9 194 W. Kentucky 25 3 Was late addition last year to team
5 C Rudy Gobert 27 7 1 235 France 21 0 Expect struggles
G Michael Stockton 21 6 1 170 Westminister 24 0 John's son, played in last summer league
G Jerel McNeal 23 6 3 200 Marquette 26 1 Got Raja Bell bought out last year
G Chris Roberts 58 6 4 205 Bradley 25 0 Jazz FA Mini-Camp
G Dionte Christmas 60 6 5 205 Temple 26 0 Played w Boston last summer league
G Rodney Green 68 6 5 210 La Salle 25 0 Jazz FA Mini-Camp
GF William Buford 62 6 6 220 Ohio St. 23 0 Jazz FA Mini-Camp
F Tony Gaffney 88 6 8 215 Massachusetts 28 0 Played for Utah Flash, last summer league
F Jeff Brooks 74 6 8 215 Penn St. 24 0 10.0 3pt% last yr in Europe
F Drew Gordon 82 6 8 245 New Mexico 22 0 Jazz FA Mini-Camp
F Delroy James 70 6 8 220 Rhode Island 27 0 Relies on physical ability
FC Rick Jackson 96 6 9 240 Syracuse 24 0 Jazz FA Mini-Camp
F James Mays 72 6 9 230 Clemson 27 0 3.19 s sprint . . . In 2008
F Amath M'Baye 64 6 9 216 Oklahoma 23 0 From France
FC Rasid Mahalbasic 94 6 11 220 Slovenia 22 0 Jazz FA Mini-Camp

You may remember some of them from before, so I've included links to their exploits! I guess this year Gobert is our Salah Mejri in terms of being a really huge guy who is tall and blocks shots. I hope to see more from Michael Stockton -- he's had another year in Europe to get better. What I really enjoyed from watching him last year was his willingness to set screens, play defense, and be "tough".

A lot of these guys are "old", but have experience. So that should temper out what we get with our lineups. The vast majority of the invites this year are guys we've already seen before at the closed door Jazz mini free agent camp.

And lastly, if you wanted to see the stats from LAST year in Orlando, here they are:


I hope everyone has a good time out there, no injuries, and people play at their best ability. The Games start in 4 days! Woo!

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