Roster + Trade Thoughts

I may not be in the majority here, but I am not crazy about the GSW trade. Most people seemed to be happy that Lindsey is looking ahead and has gone tank mode. I fully recognize that the number of games the Jazz win this year is not important but I don't think tanking for a pick is a great goal - there is going to be huge competition this year anyway to see who can be the worst.

I think it is much more important to develop our current talent than to focus on who we might get with lucky ping pong balls. I know some of you think I am contradicting myself, because certainly this trade opened up minutes to develop the young guys (assuming even Ty is not crazy enough to play Biedrins and Jefferson). Minutes are important to develop players, but not necessarily independent of other factors. Sacramento is a great example of young guys playing tons of minutes, but floundering in an ill-conceived mess. It is hard for players to learn good habits and their role in a system when the system is barely functional and depleted of talent. Players will try to do too much, and opposing team defenses don't have to play honest when you strut out D league scraps. Without proper talent and shooting spacing completely breaks down and any offense grinds to a halt (why Tony Allen crippled Memphis vs. SA).

So with 12 players the Jazz roster is almost filled out, but does it have the personnel to field functional lineups on the court?

Jazz Salary Info

Of these 12 players 4 are NBA proven to be capable of 20+ minutes a night. Throw in Burke as a function of his draft position and the PG situation and that makes 5. If his rehab goes well and he returns to form (that is a big if) Rush would bring the list to 6 and there it stops. No other player on that list is NBA ready for 20+ minutes without making me cringe. I understand growing pains are ahead, but how great is the learning experience when it feels like you are playing 4v5 and the offense/defense breaks down because everyone on the court is so green/overmatched. If any of the core players get injured the Jazz are more or less screwed.

Looking at the roster also makes me less than thrilled at the PF options. Call Favors/Kanter whatever you want on offense, but on defense they are Centers. They can definitely play together some, but a lot of opposing PFs would cause them problems. Both Kanter and Favors excel near the basket on D - Kanter for his strength defending the low post and Favors as a shot blocking beast. Their skills are largely nullified if they get pulled away from the basket by mobile/stretch 4s.

I really would have liked a couple of solid veteran players (but talented) to mix in with the young guys to keep things from becoming too chaotic. Millsap and DMC were apparently available for only two year deals - this would in no way burden the Jazz financials as the deals expire before Kanter/Burks extensions would kick in. This option went off the table when we took GSW's 24 million dollar dumpster heap.

Yes we did get 2 first round picks, but at double the normal cost you normally can get for picks in their expected range. Could the jazz really not get a better deal for 24 million dollars? It is a long way from the trade deadline and I'm not convinced this was the deal worth jumping on.

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