The Downbeat: DAT ASS-es Edition

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Karl Malone buys mules, MyLo has a birthday, Johny Lingo, and DEMARCUS COUSINS???

[Author's Note:  Today is my birthday. Twenty nine years to the day I successfully escaped the clutches of my mother's womb to become one of the greatest Utah Jazz fans of all time.  Some of that is true.  Mostly the exiting of the womb part.  The powers that be forced me to write on my birthday.  Actually I forced me to write on my birthday because I love blogging.  Nothing I would rather do on my birthday.  Except maybe this ... or this.]

Would you like a new basketball?


Hermès has just released this: bright blue calfskin basketball priced at a whopping $12,900. From Hollywood Reporter:
The fashion brand, which has turned out footballs and soccer balls in the past, eschewed its signature orange in favor of a California-chic, cool blue for the bull calfskin ball that's made using the same hand-stitched technique as Hermes' coveted Birkin bags.
"It represents the sky, the ocean and all the beautiful pools that are a way of life in L.A. and Southern California," says Robert Chavez, Hermes U.S. CEO, who says that the exceptional quality of the leather as well as the artisanal craftsmanship account for the ball's price.


Much ado has been made about how much we need to pay Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors.  My personal take on the whole process can be summarized in this video below.

It comes down to if you believe Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward are 8 cow wives?  If they will one day become 8 cow wives then pay 8 cows for them and show that you believe in them. had a survey with all of the rookies for the upcoming season.  Here is how Trey Burke fared.

[Spoiler Alert: Rudy Gobert was not mentioned.  After all, according to he's a stash and draft. That's a joke.]

Who will be the 2013-2014 Rookie of the Year?

T-1st: C.J. McCollum, Portland & Victor Oladipo, Orlando -- 24.2 percent

3: Kelly Olynyk, Boston -- 18.2 percent

4: Trey Burke, Utah -- 12.1 percent

5: Ben McLemore, Sacramento -- 6.1 percent

Which rookie will have the best career?

T-1st: Victor Oladipo, Orlando & Kelly Olynyk, Boston -- 18.2 percent

3: C.J. McCollum, Portland -- 15.2 percent

4: Cody Zeller, Charlotte -- 9.1 percent

T-5: Anthony Bennett, Cleveland, Tim Hardaway, Jr., New York & Otto Porter, Washington -- 6.1 percent

[Burke was not even mentioned in the other votes. Not one single vote.]

Which rookie is the best playmaker?

1: Trey Burke, Utah -- 47.1 percent

2: Michael Carter-Williams, Philadelphia -- 17.6 percent

T-3rd: Isaiah Canaan, Houston, Shane Larkin, Dallas, C.J. McCollum, Portland & Peyton Siva, Detroit -- 5.9 percent

Sekou Smith of made a re-draft of the 2010 NBA Draft.  Inevitably, the Utah Jazz draft picks were a little undervalued.  (THANKS TY CORBIN AND YOUR HORRIFIC MINUTE DISTRIBUTIONS.)

[Spoiler Alert: People are still in love with DeMarcus Cousins.


Vent below]

7.  Derrick Favors, PF, Georgia Tech (No. 3 by New Jersey)

Favors had to play behind veterans Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap after being traded to Utah. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to him, too. Now that those veteran bigs have moved on via free agency, Favors will become the low-post anchor for the Jazz. He’ll become the walking double-double he should be now that he’ll have an expanded role.

8. Gordon Hayward, SG, Butler (No. 9 by Utah)

Hayward has improved as much as anyone in the class between Draft night and this summer. He stood out among the young stars assembled in Las Vegas last month for the U.S. Men’s National Team’s mini-camp. A young Jazz team in need of leadership will get a solid boost in that department, and others, from Hayward.

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