A new measuring stick?

After one of Amar's recent posts, I got curious. I wanted to see if I could quantify a player's overall impact on the game using something a little more "fresh" than PER. So, I did a little research and complied most of our player's overall numbers, trying to boil it down to a number that shows us which players are most effective.

I then compared our guys to some of the top guys in the league to give some perspective.

The formula I used was (AST% + TREB% + TS% + USG% + STL% + BLK% - TO%). NOTE: All percentages were entered in as if they were out of 100 rather than out of 1, i.e. 55% instead of .55. All statistics were pulled from

Here is the chart of our guys:

Hayward: AST 23.7 REB 8.6 TO 13.7 TS 51.7 USG 24.1 STL 1.9 BLK 1.5 OVERALL POSITIVE IMPACT (OPI) 97.8

Burke: AST 29.9 REB 6.2 TO 12.1 TS 48.5 USG 23.2 STL 1.3 BLK .2 OPI 97.2

Evans: AST 8.2 REB 15.9 TO 8.3 TS 53.9 USG 16.5 STL 1.5 BLK 3 OPI 90.7

Favors: AST 6.9 REB 15.9 TO 13.9 TS 55.7 USG 20.2 STL 1.8 BLK 3.5 OPI 90.1

Burks: AST 16.6 REB 6.6 TO 13 TS 51.1 USG 23 STL 1.5 BLK .8 OPI 86.6

Marvin: AST 7.7 REB 11.1 TO 10.2 TS 54.3 USG 16.4 STL 2.1 BLK 1.7 OPI 83.1

Kanter: AST 5.9 REB 13.8 TO 14.2 TS 50.7 USG 22.7 STL .8 BLK 2.2 OPI 81.9

Jefferson: AST 10.9 REB 6 TO 13.4 TS 56.8 USG 17.3 STL 1.1 BLK .8 OPI 79.5

Garrett: AST 24.8 REB 5 TO 26.1 TS 46.8 USG 14.4 STL 2.4 BLK 0 OPI 67.3

Lucas: AST 12.6 REB 3.5 TO 9.2 TS 41.7 USG 16.9 STL 1.1 BLK 0 OPI 66.6

Gobert: AST 2.7 REB 23.3 TO 28.6 TS 42.7 USG 15.1 STL 1.2 BLK 6 OPI 62.4

Biedrins: AST 0 REB 21.5 TO 35.5 TS 41.2 USG 5.7 STL 0 BLK 0 OPI 32.9

I was surprised at how poorly Gobert was rated, but that's to be expected when you turn the ball over almost 30% of the time. Biedrins is absolute trash and Lucas doesn't seem like he's that much worse than Garrett, despite the overall flow of the game looking much better when Garrett is on the floor compared to Lucas.

Now, to compare to some other players around the league. I tried to draw player comps for Hayward and Burke, as well as putting some superstars in the mix to give an idea of where our guys are right now.

LeBron: AST 32.4 REB 11.4 TO 15.4 TS 67.2 USG 29.5 STL 1.8 BLK .8 OVERALL POSITIVE IMPACT (OPI) 127.7

Durant: AST 23.9 REB 11.8 TO 11.2 TS 62.7 USG 31.1 STL 2 BLK 1.8 OPI 122.1

George: AST 18.5 REB 9.9 TO 11.7 TS 57.7 USG 27.8 STL 2.7 BLK .5 OPI 105.4

George (1st year #1 option): AST 19.6 REB 11.3 TO 15.2 TS 53.1 USG 23.5 STL 2.7 BLK .5 OPI 95.5

Ginobili: AST 29.3 REB 8.2 TO 15.7 TS 58.9 USG 23.6 STL 2.2 BLK .4 OPI 106.9

Parker: AST 32.5 REB 4.5 TO 13.8 TS 56.5 USG 26.3 STL .9 BLK .3 OPI 107.2

Parsons: AST 15.9 REB 7.9 TO 12.4 TS 60.6 USG 18.9 STL 1.6 BLK .9 OPI 93.4

Iguodala: AST 21.7 REB 7.1 TO 19.7 TS 64.6 USG 13.4 STL 2.3 BLK .8 OPI 90.2

CP3: AST 54 REB 7.4 TO 12.9 TS 57.8 USG 24.9 STL 3.5 BLK .2 OPI 134.9

CP3 ROOKIE YEAR: AST 38.2 REB 8.5 TO 13.7 TS 54.6 USG 22.2 STL 3.4 BLK .2 OPI 114.2

So, what did we learn, other than CP3 has an absurdly good overall impact on the game - better than LeBron, according to this (probably massively flawed) metric?

Hayward this year (so far) actually looks to have a better overall impact than Paul George last year, despite his shooting woes and having less talent around him (not to mention the staggering difference in head coaching ability).

This seems to confirm the eyeball test of which players are most effective. Hayward, Burke, and Favors are definitely our top 3 players (curse you, anomaly), with Burks and Kanter not far behind. Marvin is much higher than I expected him to be, and I would like to try and figure out Kanter's numbers as a starter to see where he actually fits into this.

100 seems to be the cut-off for All-Star players. A player above 110 seems to be a legit #1 option, and any player over 120 will probably be in the MVP race.

This is probably over simplified, and I'm going to be working on plugging up some of the holes, but that is for another time.

For now, I'm going to try and pull up Kanter's OPI as a starter and compare it to him coming off the bench. I'm guessing he's around 89 as a starter and around 73 off the bench. Huge difference.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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