#JazzOdds Week 11/12 Recap

With these non-packed weeks of Jazz games, my slacking at these recaps hasn't set me back too far. Unfortunately, I'm kinda burnt today, so you're get the Cliff's Notes version of things. Jazz were 4-2 against the spread this week (4/2 Over/Under) which brings the current total to 20-21-1 (20/22 O/U). Vegas pretty much has us nailed for the season... they're smart. I'll recap the games without any recap:

Jazz 112, Oklahoma City 101 (Jazz were +6.5, O/U 196). Surprise! Jazz and over win the point.

Winners: @bjcseven, @JazzyTameKate, @OhioHadley, @hamblindave, @UtahJazzPodcast, and @Clarkpojo

Cleveland 113, Jazz 102 (Jazz were -3, O/U 194). Surprise! We suck again... I blame myself for being in the building. Cleveland over wins.

Winners: @AngryJazzFan

Jazz 118, Nuggets 103 (Jazz were +4, O/U 203). Surprise! We're awesome again! Jazz over does it.

Winners: @JazzyTameKate

Spurs 109, Jazz 105 (Jazz were +13, O/U 200). Played well enough to take #JazzOdds off alert down the stretch. Game probably wasn't this close, but we sure gave it a run. Fun finish, good #Tanksgiving type game. Jazz over ftw.

Winners: @Pwalker86, @samq626, @brytonbenson, @seanp33, @Run_Pappy, @OhioHadley, @UofUJazz, BFBen, and @JazzyTameKate

Jazz 110, Pistons 89 (Jazz were +6, O/U 200.5). The Trey homecoming game was a gorgeous thing to watch. As I stated multiple times on Twitter, I was interested in making sweet love to different stretches of the game. The over/under went down to the wire, and the game went Jazz and under. I'd also like the record to show I actually won one of these. Thank you. :)

Winners: @RxMike12, @seanp33, @BrianBonks, @chang_max, @trillwright, and @New_OrleansJazz

Timberwolves 98, Jazz 72 (Jazz were +10, O/U 207.) This game was the abortion to the love-child made in the previous game. Horrible, horrible stuff. Wolves and under gets you a point, and if you watched the entire game, you deserve extra credit.

Winners: @samq626, @New_OrleansJazz, @SLCJuanB, and @AB_NBA1

We're still playing the spread out January schedule, so next week has only games at home vs. Minnesota, and at home vs. Washington. I may or may not recap next weekend, as we only have 3 games next week. Would work for a combined recap. Anywho, thanks for playing #JazzOdds and here's the updated leaderboard: (new leader alert!)

#JazzOdds Leaderboard:

11 - @New_OrleansJazz

10.5 - @bjcseven

10 - BFBen, @JazzyTameKate

9.5 - @samq626

9 - @BrianBonks, @seanp33, @Run_Pappy

Lots of others within 4 of the leaders, so if you haven't been playing, get back into it! Plenty of time to stake your claim as the best at #JazzOdds for 2013-14! Any questions/comments, as always, find me on Twitter @RxMike12. Until next time!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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