Espn talking about R Jefferson for Bynum

Ok it's the Jazz so this is likely a non starter. But the rumor does at least have a decent pedigree behind those spreading it.

But if it happened... look-move-andrew-bynum

This only works for me if we were to immediately waive Bynum to save on his remaining non guaranteed salary. Once upon a time he was an amazing player with major maturity issues. Now with no knees, about all that's left of value for a team like Utah is the 5 million or so we'd save over having RJ on the books. Let the Lakers or Miami take a chance on him off waivers.

The question is does Cleveland want a shot to make the playoffs still this season. These commentators seem to think they do. The LAL trade for Gasol seems to be stalling over the Lakers demanding youth or picks. For the Jazz, while additional incentive would be great, just our cash savings might be enough to tempt the powers that be to pull the trigger. Anything else would just be gravy.

Suddenly we free up time for Burks and maybe, if Marvin could remember how to play a few minutes at the 3, a little time for Kanter. Meanwhile the Millers save the family roughly 5 million over the balance of this season.

Add in this little silliness via the trade machine just for a maybe conceivable lark...

Phoenix seems for real. While they started the season intending (presumably) to go after a top lottery pick, they are currently a 7th seed playing well and in range potentially clear up to 4th. Could they use a veteran 3/4 who their coach is familiar with (is that good or bad...) throw in Rush to make the salaries work, and Utah gets an expiring injured Okafor who might have an interest in a buyout. Phoenix gets some needed depth at SF via Marvin, save 3 million plus if they hang onto Rush as well, and possibly get a solid 3D player if Rush suddenly finds some inspiration and the ability to become the player he used to be. Again could DL get something additional for our taking on extra salary, perhaps and hopefully, but even without there are viable reasons to do this deal.

If Okafor accepts a buyout we save additional cash in a tough season for the box office, combined with or even only with the savings from the Bynum trade the team is ahead money wise. For those of us who think the team needs additional vet proofing there it is in spades. Additional game time for Burks, Kanter, and Evans, and at least time to really get a look at Gobert, Clark, and anyone else Utah might want to check out. While I suspect we would not be stronger after these trades, we would at least be back on track to see what we have overall with our young team.

Yeah yeah I know Tractics written all over both trades. Is that so bad...

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