#JazzOdds Week 9/10 Recap

Yep, we're back with even more recap! I know you're excited. Was out of town prior to the New Year's festivities (mine included going to the doctor, working NYE and NYD, and getting a haircut---this is why it's amazing I can even run #JazzOdds---SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!), so this week's recap will go over the last couple week's games. The Jazz have played 6 games since the last post, and went 3-3 against the spread (3/3 over/under), putting the totals at 16-19-1 for the season (15/21 O/U). Let's go back in the wayback machine and see how we got where we are:

Memphis 104, Jazz 94 (Jazz were +5.5, O/U 187). This game sure seems like a long, long time ago and was very unmemorable to me. The Jazz kept things relatively close until the fourth when the Grizzlies busted out to a 16 point lead and closed the door on any hope of a Jazz cover. Gordon Hayward nearly recorded a triple-double, but our bench was non-existent (at best) and Memphis would get the win and the cover. Solid starting 5 scoring would help the game go over by quite a bit.

Winners: @New_OrleansJazz, @chang_max, @brytonbenson, and @samq626.

Jazz 105, LA Lakers 103 (Jazz were -3.5, O/U 196.5). This game was full of awesome for so many reasons. We beat the Lakers, great play by Gordon, the Derrick Favors game-winning hammer dunk, and did I mention we beat the Lakers? But none of that matters in this recap... this is about winning AND covering, and unfortunately, the Jazz could never pull away enough to get the cover along with their impressive victory. Lots of scoring would push the game over, but if you wanted a point (and apparently none of you did), you needed the Lakers and the over.

Winners: NONE

LA Clippers 98, Jazz 90 (Jazz were +13.5, O/U 201.5). Vegas had little faith in the Jazz in this game, and well, I'm sure none of us expected us to go to Los Angeles on a back-to-back and get a W, right? Again, reality doesn't matter when point spreads are involved. The Jazz actually played pretty damn well in LA, and kept things close enough to put a little scare into the Clippers. Blake Griffin made a living at the free throw line, and 40 points later, the Jazz had met their match. Griffin needed 54 to push this game over, so if you had Jazz/under, congrats!

Winners: @BrianBonks, @ultimatejazzfan, and @Peter_J_Novak

Jazz 83, Charlotte 80 (Jazz were -2, O/U 188.5). Welcome back home, Al Jefferson! Fans cheered pregame (go, us) and also cheered postgame as the Jazz would get the victory and the cover against their former teammate. Trey Burke hit a clutch shot late, but whoever inspired me to pick over was soooorely mistaken. The teams combined for a whopping 75 point first half (didn't Portland score that against us one night?), and the under was the solid, solid play here as well.

Winners: @utahjazzfan1850, @New_OrleansJazz, @KennChapman17, and @samq626

Jazz 96, Milwaukee 87 (Jazz were -5.5, O/U 190.5). Happy Tanksgiving, y'all! The battle for the bottom was in session, and it looked as if the Jazz would run away early. The Jazz took a nice lead into the half, and through three, the cover seemed certain, and the Jazz led by 13. Of course, we're us, so the Bucks made their run, but Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward would see the deal, and get the win(?). Again, why I pick over with this team, I don't know, so Jazz/under was the play.

Winners: @chang_max, @utahjazzfan1850, @RcaAmarante, @KennChapman17, @Djohn_3, and BFBen

LA Lakers 110, Jazz 99 (Jazz were +3.5, O/U 197). Hi there, Kendall Marshall. Where the hell you been? Apparently practicing going left since he just kept on practicing against our porous defensive effort. Before the celebs had a chance to even make it into Staples, the Jazz were down double digits, and then 18 at the quarter break. The Jazz would get the game close down the stretch, but too much Pau Gasol and too much Marshall would take care of business for the purple and gold. A huge second half scoring surge would push the total over, so if you picked Lakers and over, well, you were the only winner!

Winners: @UofUJazz

Whew! What a couple of weeks, and yeah, writing is no fun. :) That being said, I've had a blast putting #JazzOdds up every day and recapping it here every week on @SLCDunk. This next week is short on games with only games at home against the Thunder and the Cavaliers (yay, I get to go to a home game!). Not many chances to make your move up the leader board, but every game counts, right? Keep your picks coming and see where you end up come season's end!

#JazzOdds Leaderboard

9.5 - @bjcseven

9 - @New_OrleansJazz, BFBen

8 - @BrianBonks, @Run_Pappy

7.5 - @samq626

7 - @brytonbenson, @seanp33, @KennChapman17, @JazzyTameKate

Things are tightening up, so make your picks every gameday! If there are any questions or issues with #JazzOdds, feel free to find me on Twitter @RxMike12. Thanks, and best of luck!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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