#JazzOdds Week ???/All-Star Break Catchup Recap

Holy crap, it's been way too long since I recapped! A month of games (albeit only 10) and I've got work to do. My apologies, but you're getting the short version of this. :) To recap, the Jazz went 4-5-1 against the spread over this 10-game stretch (over/under 3-6-1). Let's look at the games and the winners:

Minnesota 112, Jazz 97 (Jazz were +3, O/U 202.5). Minnesota and over was the correct pick.

Winners: @RxMike12, @seanp33, and @Peter_J_Novak

Jazz 104, Washington 101 (Jazz were +1, O/U 194). Taking the Jazz and the over gets you a point.

Winners: @RxMike12, @bjcseven, @samq626, @brytonbenson, @KennChapman17, @hamblindave, @YuccaManHoops, @JazzyTameKate, BFBen, @OhioHadley, @trillwright, @UofUJazz, @UtahJazzPodcast (you can't make me not type that, Jazz brass!), @bwfanzzz, @RcaAmarante, and everyone else on Earth, and their mom.

Jazz 106, Sacramento 99 (Jazz were -6, O/U 205). Thanks to the tie gods, if you picked the Jazz, you get 1/2 a point!

Half-Winners: @utahjazzfan1850, @brytonbenson, @bjcseven, @KennChapman17, @hamblindave, @OhioHadley (sorry!), and @jazzfernee

Golden State 95, Jazz 90 (Jazz were +5, O/U 200.5). Again, thanks for nothing, tie gods. If you picked the under, YOU get half a point. So much math.

Half-Winners: @RxMike12, @New_OrleansJazz, @carty64, BFBen, @Run_Pappy, and @jazzfernee

LA Clippers 102, Jazz 87 (Jazz were +12, O/U 202). Clips and under tallies your point.

Winners: @bjcseven, @BrianBonks, @KennChapman17, @hamblindave, and @New_OrleansJazz

Toronto 94, Jazz 79 (Jazz were +3.5, O/U 193). Keeping the under run alive, Raptors and under pickers win.

Winners: @KennChapman17 and @YuccaManHoops

Dallas 103, Jazz 81 (Jazz were +9, O/U 202). Will we ever go over again? (Spoiler alert: yes) Not this night however. Dallas and under for the point.

Winners: @Run_Pappy, @RcaAmarante, @carty64, @UofUJazz, @chang_max, @YuccaManHoops, @KennChapman17, @hamblindave, @UtahFinsFan (1/2), and @bdh99

Jazz 94, Miami 89 (Jazz were +9, O/U 198). DOWN GOES LEBRON. Those with faith (Jazz/under) deserve their point.

Winners: @chang_max, @UofUJazz, and @brianspittler

Jazz 96, LA Lakers 79 (Jazz were +1.5, O/U 202.5). DOWN GOES KOBE. Or something... Jazz and under keeps the under train alive.

Winners: @New_OrleansJazz, @trillwright, @samq626, @UtahJazzPodcast, @carty64, and @JazzyTameKate

Jazz 105, Philadelphia 100 (Jazz were -7, O/U 203.5). Late minute offense by Philly tossed the game over and got the Sixers within the point spread. It also killed all of our picks.

Winners: None

Alright, I'm not even going to preview the upcoming-to-be-recapped games because then I'll put a deadline on myself which I'll just miss. Hopefully we'll play well, and if you're still reading at this point, insider tip alert: I'll be at the game vs. Minnesota so you might as well just go against the Jazz as my home record has been garbage the last two years (1 win in 8?). Just sayin'. More importantly, let's get to the current standings!

#JazzOdds Leaderboard:

13.5 - @New_OrleansJazz

13 - @bjcseven

12 - @JazzyTameKate

11.5 - @KennChapman17, @samq626, and BFBen

10.5 - @Run_Pappy

10 - @BrianBonks and @seanp33

Keep the picks coming using #JazzOdds on Twitter, or follow my timeline @RxMike12 to get your daily #JazzOdds fix. Enjoy the game tonight, and go Jazz!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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