It's ok if you get a little "defens"ive

If Dennis Lindsey handed me the reins this summer, I would make it a top priority to become a top 5 defensive team.

First I would hire Stan Van Gundy. Why Stan? He coached the 7th best defensive team of all time when he was in Orlando in 2009, he is currently unemployed, and he is capable of extracting maximum potential out of his players.

Second I would have a heart to heart with Gordon Hayward. I would tell him how much we would like to keep him around and continue to surround him with more and more talent, but based on his numbers we can't afford to spend more than 4 yr 40 mil to retain him.

Third I would use our cap money and sign Trevor Ariza and Larry Sanders. With these additions, we would have Burks, Ariza, Hayward, Favors, Kanter and Sanders that are all good defensive players.

4th I would draft quick athletic players who could run other 2nd units off the court with their ability to score. Our starters would be really strong defensively and our bench would be scoring machines

Our roster would look like this -

Burke / (draft Exum)

Hayward / Burks "Houdini"

Ariza / ( draft McDermott or Anderson)

Favors / Evans / (draft McAdoo)

Sanders / Kanter / Gobert

If Hayward refused the offer and opted to move on (to Boston or Phoenix), I would try to sign and trade him in exchange for Boston's top 10 pick (assuming they valued his ability more than any current top 10 projection). This would leave us with our pick + Boston's pick (both 3-7 range) + GS pick (13-16). Then we could possibly end up with Parker, Exum and K Anderson. I would then use the money we saved by not having to pay Hayward and use it toward getting Ariza, Sanders and possibly pick up another veteran role player like Andre Miler to mentor Burke and Exum

Burke / (draft Exum) / Miller

Ariza / Burks "Houdini"

(draft Parker) / (draft K Anderson)

Favors / Evans

Sanders / Kanter /

Would I have your support JAZZ fans?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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