Improving the Worst Defense in the NBA

The Jazz have the worst defense in the NBA.



Last year, Andy Larsen had a nice post asking whether the Jazz poor defense (23rd worst in the league) was due to Al Jefferson or Ty Corbin.

What if it is all Al's Fault?

This year's added data suggests that Al Jefferson can be effectively hidden on a good defensive team, as the Bobcats rank as a good defense. And obviously the Jazz Defense has only gotten worse.

A recent podcast at SaltCityHoops broke down some of the possible factors. Listen in, as they have some excellent thoughts. Scheme or Skills? Highlights include comments on personnel, playing out of position, youth, and fatigue.

I just want to highlight what the Jazz are doing badly right now.

First, the Jazz are below average or poor in each of the defensive four factor categories. The Jazz are 17th in opponent eFG%, 28th in TOV%, 22nd in DRB%, and 24th in FT/FGA. I would attribute much of the problematic defense to minus defenders getting too much playing time. Burks isn't getting enough playing time and the small ball starting lineup is giving up too many rebounds. Changing around player rotations to include our better defenders would improve our defense, although it might hurt our offensive spacing.

If you were Ty, how would you improve our defense in the next ten games?

Also, this fanpost is a blatant attempt to get Amar to do a serious statistical post on our defensive woes. What needs to be done?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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