Fanpost downbeat part 1

What's up y'all? I am an avid Jazz fan that has been on one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride this season and I would to share my opinions and perspectives on this team we so love. There are many aspects I want to touch on so I am going to kind of write it downbeat style. Let me know how our views/opinions differ in the comments!

#1 TANK!!!

Okay. This has been the biggest adjustment for me by far. Never in my life did I think I would actually root for the Jazz to lose. I'm sure a lot of other Jazz fans can relate. Since 97' when I was 7 years old I have watched the Jazz play. And by play I mean win and win a lot. These were the good ole' days when we had the players, and the coach to compete with any team in the league on a nightly basis. We had a winning standard and it was usually met. One day D Will spat on Coach Sloans whiteboard because he didn't like the play and that one event would change the tide for the Jazz franchise. We have been the opposite of Jazz Basketball for the last 3 years. No accountability. No Defense. No direction. We have been horrible and now I finally know how it feels to be a fan of a laughingstock of a team. I, like most Jazz fans, blame most of these downfalls on Corbin but I will get back to that later. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though..... Our new GM has helped us gather a bunch of talented young players who are still learning the game and only getting better by the day. I now realize this is really the only way the Utah Jazz have a change at contending is through the draft. If we are constantly drafting cheap young talent then our roster should always be flexible. That leads me to the almighty tank. I despised the idea of tanking ever since i was introduced to it by GSW a few years ago. I find myself in a new position now and I am ll about the tank. We have a group of young guys that are all very talented in their own right. I honestly think our record doesn't show how good this team is. Anyway, if we can get lucky and somehow throw in another highly talented prospect on our team then we will have a solid foundation to grow on. I still want to see development out of our guys. Ideally I would like each game to come down to the wire and have he Jazz lose by 1 every time. Ideally I would like to see a 9 man rotation of F5 plus Gobert, Evans, Clark and Diante but that is in a perfect world somewhere far away. Tank on Jazz, its the only hope.

#2 F5!

These are my boys. I have a man-crush on each one of our F5 and all for different reasons. I wanna touch on a few different subjects with each guy. For starters I want to address what each guy should work on during the off season. I want talk about pros/cons with each guy. And I want to address the reasons for my mancrush.

Trey Burke AKA "Rook"

Our GM pulled this guy out of his hat last draft and it was a great idea. Trey has exceed my expectations so far this rookie season.

Pros: Poise, A:TO ratio, Clutchness, "no excuses" attitude/leadership qualities.

Cons: He is short by NBA point guard standards, he is not uber athletic by NBA point guard standards, His shooting consistency is well below average, he doesn't get to the FT line.

If Trey could only focus on one aspect of his game to work on this offseason I hope he would choose shooting consistency. He has to be in the gym day in and day out jacking up 3's, floaters, midrange pullups, finishing through traffic/contact. Practice, repetition, practice, repetition. His muscle memory won't forget how to make a shot. If trey can up his shooting percentages then he will be a damn fine point in this league. Your my boy Trey!

Alec Burks AKA Government Name

Dude. Llike, Alec Burks though. Alec is my favorite of the f5. The dude wreaks of swag even after corbin tried to bury his swag fire on the bench for the past 3 seasons. You can't hold him down Corb.

Pros: Quick first step which is great for offense and defense, finishing ability around the rim, gets to the FT line with ease, solid passer/rebounder, good ball handler.

Cons: Gambles on d, midrange game, average defender?

I can't think of many cons for Alec. If there is one thing Alec should focus on this offseason I would hope he chooses his shooting stroke. Once he can consistently stroke it from midrange and 3 then he becomes an elite offensive player. I can easily see Alec averaging 20 plus points. Keep doin what you do Alec!

Gordon Hayward AKA G time

Ole Gordo. I love the dude. You can tell he has a passion for winning that is required to win. Gordon effects the game in just about every way. I am not sure of the chances of him not being here next season (I would guess 20%) but I hope he is.

Pros: Passing, ball handling, hustle, above average rebounder, plays passing lanes well, chasedown blocks! winning attitude, underrated athlete

Cons: Streaky below average shooter, not very clutch (so far), not very vocal as a leader, loses man too often on D, high turnover rate,

If there is one think I think Gordo should work on this offseason I would hope he takes the time to truly find his niche in this league. A bit unorthodox for an "offseason upgrade" I know but hear me out. I think Gordon needs to shoot less. I think he needs to handle the ball less. I get every player has that small chance to really come into there own potential and flourish but I honestly do not see Gordon as an All Star. I might be selling him short. I think he needs to find a balance and rhythm and not try and force anything. It seems he is trying to do too many things at once. If he could efficiently average 13 pts 5 rb and 5 ast then he would be a perfect glue guy on a contender. Gordo quit trying to be "too big yo". Just be the most efficient version of yourself possible and you will be just fine.

Enes Kanter AKA Big Turk

I can't help but grin when thinking about this big oaf :) Kanter is still only 21 and way behind the learning curve of his peers and yet he screams potential. You can tell with Kanter that he truly wants to be the best possible player he can be.

Pros: Offensive lowpost footwork, midrange touch, bully ball, offensive boards, sets good screens

Cons: Verticality so not much potential for rim protecting, looks lost on D too often, not the best passer, doesnt get many steals or blocks.

If Kanter should work on 1 thing this offseason I would hope he chooses to work on being Physical in the paint. I hope he can gain maybe 10-15 lbs and really just have his way in the paint like an istanbull in a china shop. Whether it be boxing out, committing hard fouls, taking charges or setting screens, Kanter has to utilize his big strong frame. When he does that then he will be one of the few bigs in the league with the combination of strength and finesse. Big Turk has a bunch of potential if he can get his defense in check, He has plenty of time to hone that part of his game.

Derrick Favors AKA "Favs"

You see what I did there? Favs at the Center over Kanter? Yep, its the way it should be. Favs is more of your traditional center then Kanter is. Favors is my 2nd favorite right behind Burks. This did has some serious potential. He is guaranteed to throw down a gigantic slam at least once per game.

Pros: Rim protecter, P n R defense, steals ball well for big man, overall superb defender, finishing ability around rim, P n R roll man,

Cons: lack of intensity, inconsistent, quiet leader,

If Favors could work on one aspect of his game this offseason I would hope that he works on his "Karl Malone" part of his game. What do I mean? Work ethic and drive. Malone knew one thing for certain, if you can outwork your opponent then you have a better chance. If Favs can get a fir lit under him and become half the gym rat that Malone was then Derrick could grow into a specimen to behold.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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