With the First pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz select.....AARON GORDON

Aaron Gordon is going to be the best prospect out of this draft class. Here are a few reasons why:


#5 gets a little too excited while watching Casper Ware highlights on the jumbotron. I bet Aaron Gordon's teammates do this sometimes too. Probably to his Ballislife mixtapes.


1. Casper Ware turned out to be a hidden gem in the 2012 draft. He now plays for Virtus Bologna in Italy after being the Legadue MVP in Italy last season. It is Bologna that he is not in the NBA. Anyone who watched summer league (you probably missed him because he is too quick) knows this. James Ennis was a steal in last years draft class. The Heat are currently hiding him in Australia with plans to unleash him as soon as next season. King James next to Lebron will be an unstoppable combo. Long story short, I have never missed on my predictions, so when I say that Aaron Gordon is going to be a star, you already know what that means.


6 + 3 -1 = 8. Lebron's strength + Wade's speed - Bosh's emo side = Ennis via

2. Aaron Gordon went to Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose. Other notable alumni include: Drew Gordon (Aaron's older brother), Polina Edmunds (current student, 2014 Sochi olympian), and Blake Chow (first Chinese American commander in LAPD history). Aaron will follow in Blake Chow's footsteps by becoming the first finals MVP in Jazz History. He will then follow in Polina Edmunds footsteps by going back to school to finish his degree while playing for the 2016 USA Olympic team.


Blake Chow via


Aaron Gordon knows how to prepare for a draft, he was a soldier via

3. Aaron Gordon played for the Oakland Soldiers AAU team. Other notable alumni include: Drew Gooden, Chauncey Billups, Eddie House, Brandon Jennings, Leon Powe, Chuck Hayes, and Lebron James. Chuck Hayes sucks at free throws.



4. Aaron Gordon's twitter "About Me" section just says "Love the Game". He is already advising younger players to love the game as much as he does if they also want to become international superstars. Also, he only has 21.1 K followers so Burks won't be so self-conscious about his follower count anymore.



5. Aaron Gordon has epic Ballislife videos. This will help the Jazz in several ways. First, it will make Alec Burks and Jeremy Evans work on their verticals over the offseason. Second, it will inspire younger Jazz fans to make epic Ballislife videos of current Jazz players. And lastly, opponents won't know how to guard him after watching this film. In the mixtape, he is unguardable.

6. Since my last few draft previews were mocked as not having enough substance, lets take a look at his strength and weaknesses on the court, shall we? Let's start at his page.

7. currently has him going #20 to Toronto. This, among other reasons, is why I think this website is run by Jonas Valanciunas.



8. Aaron Gordon's NBA comparison is Kenneth Faried. Kenneth, don't flatter yourself. I think when Masai Uriji left Denver for Toronto, Faried asked him to put in a good word for him with Jonas for his upcoming mock draft. These kind of backroom deals are insulting to Aaron Gordon. If I remember correctly, Jonas also had some weird comparisons for Casper Ware and James Ennis. They are hogwash.


The meeting.



Rumor has it that Valanciunas did time for criminally underrating Casper Ware. I guess history really does repeat itself....


9. The other thing that makes me question whether or not Jonas is cut out to scout NBA talent is the fact that he included a weakness section for Aaron Gordon.



10. Lets move on to DraftExpress.



11. They have him going 8 to the Nuggets. This is because of "his offensive limitations--he's neither a prolific, nor particularly efficient, scorer--cause some scouts to question just how high his NBA upside might be."

I don't know which scouts he's been talking to, but most of my sources seem to think Aaron will be a superstar. Here are some of the comments from his BallisLife and Yayareasfinest2006 videos:

lone wolf

4 months ago Andrew/Jabari who??? This dude is a flat out beast.

Anthony Bruno

7 months ago Air Gordon!


9 months ago I know he's still young and everything, but if this guy keeps working on his game and matures, he could become the next Kirk Hinrich.

Timothy Grant

1 month ago How tall is he?
12. Lets finish off this scouting report with a few more reasons why the Jazz should draft Aaron Gordon. First off, some have said he is a glue guy. They are referring to the fact that he will hold this team together for the next 20 years (minus Ty. Aaron only glues good things together).


19. Raja Bell was a tenacious defender. So is Kirk Hinrich. If Aaron Gordon becomes the next Kirk Hinrich like one of my sources projects, he will probably wear goggles for his entire career. This will make him more marketable than the Unibrow in New Orleans.

14. Aaron Gordon has a huge motor. Greg Miller loves motors. He even has his own Motorsports Park.


Aaron Gordon's motor (unconfirmed) via

15. If the Jazz don't win the lottery and draft Gordon, Dennis Lindsey's seat will catch fire. Aaron Gordon is like a fire extinguisher. Do it for Dennis.


Tanking for Gordon via

16. Richard Jefferson is playing his best basketball in a while since he wants to save his job. He knows that if we tank, we may get AG and he will be sent back to the bench (this means he will have more free time to think about which ugly tattoo he should get next). Aaron Gordon is already bringing out the best in the Jazz. Please remember that this is because of AG, not Ty. Ty loves to steal credit for these kinds of things (see: Raja Bell leaving out of fear of James Ennis draft).


lol via

17. Finally, the Jazz should draft Aaron Gordon because he comes from a family of winners. Jeff Gordon is one of the most decorated NASCAR racers of all time. Eric Gordon won by cashing out. Aaron Gordon will win over Jazz fans' hearts. He will not win over Ty's, but it won't matter because Ty will be watching jealously from Aaron Gordon's doghouse.



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