Fanpost Downbeat Part 2

Howdy doody Jazz nation. Here is Part 2 of my fanpost downbeat. Part 1 can be found below:

#3 The draft

Now I know #1 was about "The Tank" and therefore should have included this draft talk but I feel I ranted on more about my thoughts on experiencing a losing culture in that segment. In this segment I will pull my focus more towards the draft and its prospects. Now I believe the Jazz are not going to get a pick anywhere after #10 so here is my 2014 mock draft for the top ten picks. This mock draft does not take into consideration team needs:

  1. 1) Andrew Wiggins
  2. 2) Jabari Parker
  3. 3)Joel Embiied
  4. 4) Dante Exum
  5. 5) Julius Randle
  6. 6) Noah Vonleh
  7. 7) Marcus Smart
  8. 8) Aaron Gordon
  9. 9) Rodney Hood
  10. 10) Gary Harris

Now this is a really solid group of young players. It is going to be tough for DL to choose the best player for our team this draft. He can honestly take a look at our roster and see that we are set at positions 1-5 with young talent already. I like the Jazz taking a wing player in this draft. Any guy 1-3 (preferably a 3). Most people are looking for the "go to scorer" but if I am Dennis Lindsay and Wiggins, Parker, Embiid and Exum are off the board then I am looking to make this team better defensively. I would pick Marcus Smart giving the Jazz's need for defense and wingmen. Aaron Gordons defense intrigues me as well. Has anybody other then me thought of him as a bigger version of Igoudala without the jumper? If he is quick enough to guard 3's and strong enough to guard 4's then I like him. Harris and Hood look mediocre on defense but I think Hoods length gives him more potential as a 3 &D guy. If we fall to 6th pick with Parker, Wiggins, Embiid, Exum and Smart off the board then I say take Vonleh because he looks like he could be great stretch 4. He kinda reminds me of a potential Bosh/Odom. I could go on for days with hypothetical picks and lineups but all I really want to get across is:
Worst Case scenario: We get Gary Harris or Rodney Hood. Some players you know will be solid rotational guys. Realistic Scenario: Getting Marcus Smart, Noah Vonleh or Dante Exum Ideal Scenario: WIGGINS!
I wanted to touch on the GSW pick as well. There are a lot of players with "Hype" around them out of the top 10 . In no particular order here is a list of players I would love to see the Jazz snatch up with the GSW pick (projected 20-23)
Doug Mcdermott Tyler Ennis PJ Hairston Nik Stauskas Zach Lavine Kyle Anderson Dario Saric Semaj Christon Vesilje Micic
I am hoping we get lucky this draft. Too many times have highly touted lottery picks become busts and mid to late first rounders become stars. Being an NBA scout would be a very difficult job. That is why I am hoping DL hired some old spurs scouts or has inside info on international prospects or something. If DL can pull some magic like last draft then we should be in a very good position.

#4 Bench and Depth

In this segment I want to touch on some of our guys that ride the bench and that usually get overlooked. I want to discuss the pro's and con's of each of these guys.

Jeremy Evans AKA "Slam Dunk Champ" Evans is the 2nd longest tenured Jazz man on the team. In my opinion, Jeremy has been "Corbed" the hardest throughout his 4 year career in Utah. He is finally getting playing time and he is doing great things

Pro's: Rebounds very well with quick 2nd jump, shoots efficiently, HUSTLE, gets long arms and hands in passing lanes and blocks shots, improved jump shot.

Con's: No post moves, too slow to guard 3/weak to guard 4, Age 26 so "potential" is slim, not very good passer or ball handler

If there is 1 thing I think Jeremy Evans should work on this summer, I would hope it would be gaining a bit more strength. I know his slim frame doesn't look like he could pack on 20 lbs of muscle but I hope he can throw on 7-10 lbs. That strength will come in very handy when playing 2nd string 4's. It is obvious Jeremy cannot play the 3 without substantially improving his ball handling.

Rudy Gobert AKA "The Stifle Tower"

DL pulled some magic and pulled this guy out of nowhere in last years draft. Unfortunately he is not getting much playing time at all so it is hard to say what he is and what he can become.

Pro's: Rim Protection, Superb Rebounder, Length causes defensive disruption,

Con's: Turnovers, FT %, Raw offensively, weak for a big man

If there is 1 thing I think Rudy should work on this summer, I would hope it would be gaining a bit more strength just like Jeremy. Like Jeremy, I can't see Gobert getting huge and packing on 20+ lbs of muscle. His frame doesn't look like it would be natural for him and it would most likely increase the chance of injuries. However if Rudy can become a little stronger, particularly in his legs and core, then he will be a very dominant rebounder. Rudy has a ton of potential.

Diante Garret AKA "D League"

Diante is proof that there are serviceable players in the D league. Diante has been a better point guard then JLIII, Earl Watson and Jamall Tinsley combined. He is only 25 years old so there is still some slight potential that he can get better and improve.

Pro's: Length is great on defense and great for passing over short PG's on offense, good 3 point shooter,

Con's: no midrange or drive game, average passer/playmaker, bad FG%,

If there is 1 thing I think Diante should work on this summer, I would hope it would be his defense. Between his length and speed, I think he has the potential to be a great defender that can guard the 1 and most 2's. The Jazz are pretty terrible on defense at this point and we desperately need some good defenders.

Ian Clark AKA "Summer League"

Poor Ian. His minutes have been so sparse it is impossible to evaluate him at the NBA level. My pro's and con's for him are going to be mostly based on assumptions.

Pro's: Good 3 point shooter, fairly quick,

Con's: Short for SG, no playmaking skills, awkwardly long shooting stroke,

If there is 1 thing I think Ian should work on this summer, I would hope it would be his shooting stroke. I get he is a good shooter but you can tell that Ian's stroke takes too long to get off in the NBA. If Ian is wide open and he goes to shoot then by the time he releases he has a guy closing in on him bothering his shot. If shooting is what got you into the NBA then you should hone that skill.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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