Game Recap: Utah Jazz: 81, New York Knicks 108

Shump! RJeff! It's the 2014 Tankapalooza! - Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the Jazz during this road trip has been so much fun!



And yet I still watch every game.

* * *

I'm not one to sikowanalize. I don't know if the players have quit or not, care or don't care. But their body language looked bad from about 8 minutes into the game until the end. I imagine they are pretty tired of the losing.

Despite the 81 points, it wasn't really scoring problems that killed them (they had 76 points with 7:00 left in the game ... that's on pace for about 90 points. You can win scoring 90 points.

But man, the defense. What a mess. Lots and lots and lots of easy buckets. Which got the players in a rhythm ... after which they hit hard shots. Especially Melo in his 22 first-half points.

The team looked like a mess, but I'm still a believer in some of our guys ... just a little bit.

Three positives

  • Burks and Hayward scored efficiently. Burks did a couple ridiculous Burks things in the paint. Gordo's shot looked good. It wasn't all bad
  • Maybe I just hadn't seen them, but the milk commercial with Favors and the new produce commercial with Hayward were definite highlights. I'm hoping they get picked up on the recap.
  • Favors had a nifty over-the-shoulder pass from the left block. More of this please

Three negatives

  • They got blown out by a crappy team that is a mess.
  • Trey's shooting. Ugh.
  • The team apparently has no clue how to defend.

Finally, pop quiz: Match the teams from tonight's game with the corresponding characters:



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