Jazz Offseason

Been thinking about possible scenarios for the Jazz this offseason. There are a few important moves to be made once the season ends:

1) The departure of JLIII, Brandon Rush, Richard Jefferson, and I assume Erik Murphy in Biedrins place. The whole point behind the deal with the Warriors was the dump of these contracts (minus JLIII of course) to get a TON of cap room.

2) Re-sign Marvin or let him walk. I believe he should be re-signed, as he has alot to offer. He can provide veteran leadership to the young guys, depth off the bench as the 6th/7th guy, and can keep him for relatively cheap.

3) Re-signing of Hayward. This has to happen IMO. He's too valuable to the team, and we've all seen what he can do when he's on. He's a prototypical "Jazz-man" and I believe he can excel much better in Utah than on a big-market team.

4) Keep Diante Garrett. The dude has flat out proved himself as a solid back-up to Trey. He brings energy and hustle off the bench, much like Jeremy Evans does.

5) Solid draft pick. This all depends on where the ping pong balls put the Jazz. Do we take best available? Or team needs? I think one thing is for sure: he needs to be someone who can play in a small market. These days are full of guys with stars in their eyes, wanting to live in the bright lights of LA, Miami, or NYC. I'm not 100% sold on any one player in the draft right now.

6) Use the cap room to sign a solid free agent. Let's not be delusional people, the Jazz will NEVER be able to sign a LeBron, or Melo, or Love, or Gasol, etc... But could a solid role/bench player like Danny Granger work? Maybe...

7) Oh right, fire Corbin. Duh....

8) I'm still not sure what the Jazz can or will do with the likes of Ian Clark and Malcolm Thomas.

3,2,1 Discuss!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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