End of season player review

So my end of season player review post

Trey Burke – Even in his rookie campaign has shown that he can be a very solid starting point guard and has put up pretty respectable rebounding numbers for his size. His shot needs some work, but most guys out of college stutter at first with it due to the long season and bigger athletes. I particularly liked at how the end of the year he passed a lot better and averaged 9 assists over the last 7 games. In an offense where he is not played off the ball so much I feel he will be a great starting point guard for years to come. And as Big T says, he is Ice Tr3Y.

Gordon Hayward – Gordon struggled mightily with his shot this year, but we know he can shoot the ball from his first 3 years in the league. I feel that the contract and pressure got to him, and then his confidence went down as his shooting percentages did. being the #1 option really made it hard for him to get open looks at times so he forced lots of shots that he wasn’t capable of making. I hope the Jazz bring him back next season at about $11M a year, as his defense is good along with his shot creating. Would be a great #2 or #3 option.

Enes Kanter – Enes really got shafted this year with minutes, mainly due to a rough start in this experimental year. However, his starter numbers show that he can play as well as Favors even if his defense is not as good, although it is getting better. Kanter’s stats as a starter are 14.4 PPG and 8.5 REB and is only 21! Definitely had a solid end to the season going with 15 PPG and 12.8 REB in April. He is a keeper and eventual All-Star IMO, especially if he works on his 3 point shot this off-season.

Derrick Favors – Favors really showed that he can anchor a defense, even if the rest of our plan was terrible, and even improved his offensive game slightly. He is an inconsistent scorer at this point in his career, but showed great passing ability this year. We have him signed up so he is obviously a keeper. The only concern I have with Favors is his work ethic and engagement in games, he doesn't always seem engaged. When he is though, he is active and can easily put up 20 and 10. With our lack of wing scoring and size down low I hope our new coach uses our bigs more.

Alec Burks – Burks needs to really be allowed to work with the ball more as a starter, and I wish we could have seen him as the #1 option. Off the bench he shared the offensive load with Kanter but still managed to average 14 PPG. He has the ability to get to the line and nearly tied Hayward for free throw attempts while playing 600 less minutes this season. The best part of Alec this season was his jump shot was much improved, if he can continue to develop that I can see him being a go to scorer for this team as Hayward and Burke take a back seat. Definitely need to extend him this off season before he explodes next year.

Richard Jefferson – Please go elsewhere

Rudy Gobert – Rudy finished the season great when he got some meaningful minutes against the T-Wolves, nearly getting a double double in 14 minutes. He even made a baseline spin move that looked like he knew what he was doing! I see him as being a DeAndre Jordan type of impact player, who doesn’t need offensive plays for him to score but can change the game even more than DeAndre Jordan with his length and shot changing ability. Wouldn’t mind seeing him be first off the bench and an eventual starter alongside Favors or Kanter in the future.

Jeremy Evans – Evans easily showed the most improvement to me this year, even if his jump shot faltered a bit later in the year. He has shown he can be a solid rotational player for a good team, with his energy plays and freaky athleticism he can block guys and get out and run…getting the fans on their feet. He is also a great guy and probably won’t ever demand much usage or playing time. Definitely a keeper.

Marvin Williams – I feel we have players that are more effective than Marvin Williams that can do the same thing, he is expendable and really should be let go. I would much prefer Evans taking the minutes from him at the 4, as Evans rebounds better and I think can eventually make the 3 if necessary. Marvin maybe adds some veteran leadership, as many players have commented on this so far this season. However, I feel that he should go somewhere else as Burke begins to form into the team’s leader.

JLIII – Great locker room guy, great guy, terrible NBAbasketball player. Please stay as an assistant coach or mascott.

Malcom Thomas – Didn’t get to see much of Thomas but it looks like DL really likes "stretch" 4’s, even though they don’t stretch anything according to Karl Malone. He played well against the T-Wolves but other than it is hard to say if he is a keeper. I say keep him for next season and see what happens, but too early to tell at this point.

Brandon Rush – Writing is on the wall for him, he is gone and I am sure he is happy with that. Hopefully he gets himself into shape for next season and finds himself a home. Hate to see guys lose their careers to an injury.

Ian Clark – I felt Clark did a great job when he was out there and heaven knows we need more shooting. I wouldn’t be too mad if Garrett was let go and Clark became the backup PG, depending on this draft of course. He is quick and can get into the paint and is a pesky defender from the little we go to see of him.

Diante Garrett – I like Garrett’s length to guard some of the quicker and taller PG’s in the league, especially as there are so many scoring guards out there. If we don’t get another PG in the draft or Neto doesn’t come over than I say we keep him as a 2/3 stringer with Clark. He attacks well and shoots at a decent clip, 37%. He does make some bonehead plays at times but he is still young and can develop with this squad moving forward. He is a cheap contract for what he provides, keep him unless we do whatever I stated above via Neto or draft.

Erik Murphy – Have no idea, keep him?

Tyrone Corbin - I am going to be nice this post on Corbin. I, along with many others, do not like Corbin as a coach but I am going to try and brig perspective to this. I know we have lots of young players, but our players have more talent than Corbin made them seem. He played players in the wrong way, like using Hayward as an ISO scorer and Burke as an off the ball guard. We didn't utilize Favors in the post as often as we should have early in the year and our bigs were constantly changing up their defensive strategy. He just seems lost as a coach, with no real identity to pass onto his players. With that said, Corbin seems like a great guy and I doubt any of the players would bad mouth him, except Raja Bell lol. However, nice guys don't finish first, people who get results do. Now, is that the most important thing in life? Of course not. I would much rather be a person who builds lasting relationships and helps people grow as human beings than basketball players and I think Corbin did that. We just need to find a coach who can do both. Thanks for trying Ty but it is time for us to move on from you. My prediction is Ty is gone Wednesday April 23rd at 10:01 MT.

There is my season round up!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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