Why Hayward Won't be Offered as Much as we Think

Times are changing in the NBA. The new CBA drastically changed the way teams view player contracts. Last offseason's free agency period, in my opinion, is an excellent guide to forecast how this season's free agents will do.

Many suppose that Hayward will get offered something around 13-15 million per year. That's a lot. I think Monta Ellis, at age 27, was thinking he could get something in that range too. Speaking of Monta, let's look at his numbers from last year, and compare them to Hayward:

Monta Ellis, 2012-2013, Age 27:

Per: 16.2, FG%: 41.6, PPG: 18.5, APG: 5.8, RPG: 3.7, TS%: 49.3, eFG%: 44.8, USG%: 26.3, AST%: 27.1, 2013-2014 contract: 8,000,000

G-Time, 2013-2014, Age 24:

Per: 16.2, FG%: 41.3, PPG: 16.2, APG: 5.2, RPG: 5.1, TS%: 52.0, eFG%:, 45.4, USG%: 22.1, AST%: 16.7, 2014-2015 contract: TBD

My impression is that G-Time had basically the same season that Monta did last year. Though I was impressed by Monta's high AST% and overall assists. Not bad for a chucker! Granted Monta is 3 years older than G-Time, but he's also been more successful.

Paul Millsap, a guy who is much more efficient than Hayward, and plays power forward so he supposedly gets the "big man tax" got 9,5000,000 this last year. I think he probably was thinking he would get more too going into free agency.

The point is, with the CBA changes, teams these days are much more reluctant to pay big money to unproven players, or guys with holes in their games. I don't think G-Time is 5-6 million dollars better than Monta Ellis, or 3 million better than Mr. All Star Paul Millsap.

But wait! You might say that Hayward is 24 and thus as a young guy(tm) will only get better(tm). Not so fast, he hasn't really gotten better(tm) over the last three years. In fact, his shooting went through a significant decline this year. I hope he'll get better(tm), but he has given teams no evidence that he actually will.

Look for Hayward to get offered something around 9,000,000 per year give or take 1.5 million by another team this off season, and watch the Jazz gleefully match.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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