NBA Playoffs 2014: Utah Jazz alumni round up Day 7

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz aren't in the playoffs this year, but plenty of Jazzmen are.

Okay, crazy things are happening in the NBA every night. Why? Because it's NBA Playoffs time, that's why!

Last night the Brooklyn Nets held off a late rally by the Toronto Raptors and won at home 102-98. They now old a 2-1 lead after three games. The Chicago Bulls dig in on the road and beat the Washington Wizards 100-97. What a crazy game, where Mike Dunleavy hits 8 three pointers and scores 35 points. And last, and best, we had the Houston Rockets winning a road game IN OVERTIME against the Portland Trail Blazers, 121-116.

So the two teams with homecourt that were 0-2 came out with road wins to stay in the game a little longer. Is it me or are these playoffs games this year all really close?

Sure seems like it. Anyway, onto the former Utah Jazz players.

Player Team G Min PTS M A % M A % M A % REB AST A:TO STL BLK BARPS / Min +/-
1 Deron Williams BKN 3 W 36 22 7 14 50.0% 2 5 40.0% 6 9 66.7% 2 8 4 2 1 35 0.97 4
2 Mo Williams POR 3 L 36 17 6 10 60.0% 1 2 50.0% 4 5 80.0% 4 4 2 0 0 25 0.69 4
3 Carlos Boozer CHI 3 W 24 14 6 12 50.0% 2 2 100.0% 5 2 1 1 0 22 0.92 7
4 Wesley Matthews POR 3 L 37 5 2 7 28.6% 1 5 20.0% 2 1 0.5 0 0 8 0.22 -15
5 Andrei Kirilenko BKN 3 W 17 0 0 1 0.0% 2 1 udf 1 0 4 0.24 13
6 Ronnie Brewer CHI 3 W 0
7 Earl Watson POR 3 L 0

Deron is the engine that drives the Nets. MOLO continues to make all of the points, and had a pretty good game in the OT loss. Boozer is almost strictly a one-way player now and can't be in the games late. Wes has been a no-show the entire playoffs so far. Andrei, well, he didn't do much, but his team was +13 with him in the game. Earl and Ronnie continue to pile up DNP-CDs.

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