Most Important Decision facing the Jazz this Offseason

There are a lot of decisions facing Dennis Lindsey and the Jazz front office in the coming weeks and months.

Now that the draft lottery is over, we will begin to see more and more analysis of who will be picked where and by which teams. While it is unfortunate that the Jazz fell back to the 5th pick, there are still talented players that will be available at that position. They may not be the players we were hoping for, but we have to take what we get and do the best we can with it. The pick in this year's draft is less important than the other big decision DL needs to make. Who will be the coach?

We have a lot of young talent on the team right now that has incredible potential. These players can only do so much on their own with that talent. It is going to take an elite coach who can tap into that potential. It is going to take someone who can inspire the young talent and the role playing pieces around them to be better, and most importantly to play as a team.

The next coach of the Utah Jazz will have to take all of the pieces we have and get them to work together to become great. We all know that the Spurs is a model small-market franchise. We also know they have their star players that help them to be great at playing the sport we all love. I think something that we often overlook is the fact that they play team basketball every minute they are on the floor. We never hear anybody talk about the need for any one of the Spurs to "take over" a game and lift the team on their shoulders. That is because they are all lifting together. In order for us to be able to model our franchise after them, we need a coach who can get each individual to realize their role in the team and understand that winning isn't going to come from any certain individual, but it is going to come from everyone.

Here is a video clip showcasing the Spurs team efforts. It is what we should desire as fans of a small market team. It is what made the Stockton-Malone teams so great. It is the only way we can be successful

San Antonio Spurs Tribute - The Beautiful Game (via Stronger Team)

It will be interesting to see who Dennis Lindsey and friends pick to be the next head coach. All I know is that the decision of head coach is probably the most important decision DL will be making this off season.


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