My first fanpost is inspired by hiteshom's trade idea BOS - MIL - UTA and fueled by Bacardi. I have my own idea on how the Jazz can win the 2014 NBA Draft.

- The Trade -

Utah gets:

2014 - #3 (PHI)

2014 - #7 (LAL)

PHI gets:

Enes Kanter

2014 - #5 (UTA)

2014 - #35 (UTA)

LAL or BOS gets:

2014 - #10 (PHI)

2014 - #23(UTA)

Draft rights - Ante Tomic (UTA) or 2015 - First Rounder(GS via UTA)

I originally had a secret post July 10th sign-and-trade deal for Hayward going to PHI. Since that's not possible, I've swapped in Kanter. Any below mentions of Hayward are from that train of though. I already wrote it out so I'm just going to leave them there.

PHI does it because:

Philly is absolutely stacked with subpar talent at SG and SF. If they could pair Gordon Hayward's versatility with a young core of Michael Carter-Williams, Nerlens Noel and (#5 pick = Exum/Vonleh/Gordon/Randle), I think they would have a huge jump on turning things around after last season's horrible showing.

PHI has a fairly full roster but tons of money left to spend (10 players, only $27mil committed for next season). They can pay Hayward his due and still have room to add veteran pieces to help guide their new core.

If instead it is Kanter, a front court of Nerlens Noel's defense and Kanter's offense/rebounding would be phenomenal. Kanter could then teach Noel all of the Big Al moves he's learned and further help Noel's offensive development. Noel's athleticism and length could cover for Kanter's defensive deficiencies.

Utah does it because:

If Hayward doesn't want to stay in Utah, the Jazz definitely need to get some assets in return. They simply can't afford to let another valuable player walk away for nothing.

I like but don't love Kanter. If he needs to be the one included in the package to secure a possible superstar then so be it. The hype alone surrounding the new #3 pick would be enough to reinvigorate the fanbase after the Era of Ty.

At #3, Utah gets (Jabari Parker to add scoring prowess / Embid to add a two way anchor at C while allowing Favors to return to his preferred position of PF / Wiggins to add a athletic freak who can already make a difference on defense and could develop a matching offensive game). The Jazz can build around whoever is available.

At #6 or #7 we snag (Exum - Ideal, if he falls this far, to help replace Hayward's playmaking / Aaron Gordon - I love everything I've seen from him so far in the pre-draft process and would love his athleticism, defensive tenacity and passing ability on the Jazz).

Ante Tomic is probably never coming to Utah. Coach Snyder has some experience with him from CSKA Moscow (as indicated in Dennis Lindsey's recent ESPN interview), but without any guarantees that Tomic will ever come over for the Jazz, I see his major value as a trade asset.

LAL/BOS does it because:

LA barely even has a team for next season. If they're not impressed with anyone projected to be there at #7, as has been rumored, then they'll be looking to gain assets and/or cheap players to fill out their barren, cap-busting roster. A promising big man who might actually come over from Europe (at a 2nd round pick salary) for a team like LAL, a top 10 pick and a late first rounder in this deep draft is a solid haul.

The GS future first round pick could be swapped for Tomic if LA doesn't want to risk him not coming over.

BOS would probably be less likely to jump in on this trade. They're rumored to be going after Kevin Love so their #6 pick would be a major piece in that transaction. If they can't get Love, this would be a solid consolation prize. I don't know if Boston wants more assets considering they already have a bunch of upcoming first round picks (three from Brooklyn Nets: '16, '18, right to swap picks in '17) and a $10.3mil trade exception. Adding the above picks just might enable them to finally trade for a superstar or start to fill some of the gaps in their roster.

If PHI or LAL says no:

If one of those teams says no, a secret agreement for Hayward just isn't possible, or Utah feels Kanter's potential is too valuable, I'd like to see Utah and Boston swap first round picks.

Boston gets #5 & #23. Utah gets #6 & #17.

Boston ensures they get the guy they like best out of Exum/Smart/Gordon/Vonleh

Utah then has a ton of options:
- Draft Exum/Smart/Gordon at #6 (whichever is left), then flip some combination of remaining assets to move back into the lottery if there is another player the Jazz really like still available.

- Trade some new combination of all assets they've collected for one of the top three guys if the new package entices a team like PHI.

- Some other DL wizardry.


I think the Jazz are in an amazing position even without having the lottery balls fall in our favor. We've got a new coach that is on board with Dennis Lindsey's vision, a D-League squad where we can actually develop any talent that isn't getting minutes in the NBA, a huge scouting team that will hopefully accurately rank this year's prospects, and assets that can be used to acquire the players DL wants.

For the first time in a long time I feel like things just might be okay.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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