Jazz - LA Lakers Trade

Jazz - LA Lakers Trade

Jazz Trade Burke, Kanter, the rights for Tomic and 2 each 2nd round picks to the Lakers for Steve Nash & the #7 pick.
Why it benefits the Lakers:
  • Clears an additional $10M for the Lakers books allowing them to pursue a max player this summer
  • Keeps cap flexibility for the Lakers for next year
  • If the Lakers are going to pursue Love to pair with Bryant next year, they need a point guard, small forward and center going forward
  • Adds two starters on the cheap in Burke and Kanter that they can use to fill in around max players
  • Picking at #7, Burke would be the best available point guard (Exum and Smart will be gone before 7 and Burke is better than the remaining point guards in the draft). Burke also has a year of experience
  • Kanter can average 20-10 and if the Lakers decide to they can trade him next trade dead line or sign and trade him in the summer.
  • Gives the Lakers the rights to one of the best centers in Europe
  • It makes them better next year when we are competing for a higher draft pick but not in the long term when we are competing to win

Why it benefits the Jazz:
  • Allows the Jazz to pick up two out of the following group: Exum, Vonleh, Gordon, Smart, Randall
  • Jazz can go young and focus on development, with a coach interested in development, with a D-League team focused on development.
  • Kanter and Favors haven't been good front court partners (I know, small sample size)
  • Exum - Jazz can take a chance on the player with the most upside. Exum is a bigger point guard than Burke.
  • Vonleh could be a great front court partner with Favors. He can stretch the floor a bit, and has good size & reach.
  • Gordon is the best athlete in the draft and will be one of the best in the NBA. He has numbers that are comparable to Blake Griffin. If he can learn to shoot he will be the best player in the draft.
  • Nash would be a great coach to Exum or Smart and Neto.
  • The Jazz would have cap space to pursue good veterans to surround the youth
After the trade the Jazz could look like this:
PG: Exum (Smart), Nash, Neto Wing: Hayward, Burks, Big: Gordon (Vonleh), Favors, Gobert, Evans
Couple that with the trade scenario in this morning's downbeat with the Bucks: #5, #23, 2015 unprotected 1st -> 2014 #2, and the Jazz can add Wiggins or Parker:
PG: Nash, Neto Wing: Hayward, Burks, Wiggins (Parker) Big: Gordon, Favors, Gobert, Evans
add a couple of veteran free agents and your team would look like this:
PG: Kyle Lowry, Neto, Nash Wing: Hayward, Wiggins, Burks, Kirilenko Big: Favors, Gordon, Spencer Hawes, Gobert, Evans

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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