Wiggins for Favors?

The deal

According to some sources, Utah offered the Cavs Favors plus their 5th pick for the Cavs 1st pick. Apparently, if they do get the first pick, they will pick Wiggins instead of Parker.

Why Utah does it

Wiggins has massive potential to be a future superstar, like, you know, Lebron caliber superstar. Of course, his work rate is an issue, but after all, would you rather have a Carmelo (Parker) or Lebron (Wiggins)? Yes, Favors is a huge asset, but he hasn't convinced me that he will be a dominant PF/C. He doesn't have the range to be a great PF (most great PF's can consistently hit jumpshots), and is a tiny bit undersize for the center role. Sure, he is a great defensive talent, but i think the most he'll be is a consistent all star. My view is that Utah paid him too much for his contract. Trading away Favors would open up even more cap space, and since the target is Andrew Wiggins, i don't think Hayward will be resigned either. The cap space can then be used to sign a new PF and C. So basically this trade = 5th pick plus potential allstar for more cap space plus POTENTIAL (not guaranteed) future superstar.

Why the Cavs do it

The Cavs already have many great pieces. They already have an awesome backcourt containing Irving and Waiters, and in free agency, there is no doubt they will chase after Lebron, and if they fail, they will sign Deng.So the only missing piece is a bigman.Anthony Bennett is a bust. He was suppose to be the Cavaliers future SF/PF, but they probably scrap those plans 10 games into the season. Varejao, though good, is old. They obviously don't want to pick Embiid because they're scared that he'll turn into Oden 2.0, or Randle, because of his short wingspan. Now, enter Favors.A guy with great defensive presence, but not that great of an offense. But for the Cavs, they DON'T need a scorer. Irving, Waiters, and Lebron/Deng will more than handle the offensive load. But defensively, they cannot lean on just Varejao and they need a real defensive presence in the paint, AKA Favors. So now the Cavs will have everything, i mean, just imagine this lineup: Irving, Waiters, Lebron, Favors and Varejao. They would definitely be contending for a ring, full stop.Oh yeah, and they could have a drafted a great piece with pick no 5 too. Why not do it?


For the Jazz, the downsides are obvious.

You lose Favors, a great defensive presence
Drafting Wiggins means G-Time goes.
Wiggins might be a bust.

For the Cavs, there are also downsides

This group might not bode well together (Think LA)
Massive contract from Favors
Wiggins might be a potential super superstar

Future Jazz Lineup

I already talked about the future Cavs lineup, but if this trade wasn't made, they still would have other options at PF that they could trade for. But what if this trade does go through? What would the Jazz look like?

Prediction (Trade goes through)
PG: Burke
SG: Burks
SF: Wiggins
PF: Free Agent
C: Another Free agent/Kanter?
(Note that Jazz would have quite alot of capspace to go after great free agents)
Best scenario: Title contenders Worst Scenario: Rebuild again

(Trade does not go through)
PG: Burke
SG: Burks
SF: Hayward
PF: Favors
C: FA/ Kanter
Best Scenario: Playoffs, Worst Scenario: This season

(These are just my opinions)

Le Verdict

For me, i would say YES! to this trade. I know many might not. But that's just my view. In order to win, many risks must be taken. And for me, the rewards could be much greater than the risk. So i take it. What bout you? Vote and comment your thoughts.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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