4 Team Trade - No Favors

The Trade:
Jazz Receive: #1 (Wiggins), Jack, Brewer, Karasev Trade: #5, #23, Burke, Kanter,filler, 2 ea 2nd round picks
Cavs Receive: Love & filler Trade: #1, Jack, Karasev, Bennett
Timberwolves Receive: #5, #7, Kanter, Young, Nash, filler, 2 ea 2nd round picks Trade: Kevin Love, Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer
Lakers Receive: Burke, #23, Martin, Bennett Trade: #7, Nash, Young, filler
Jazz - Lineup would look like this: 1 - Jack, Neto, 2 - Hayward, Burks, Karasev 3 - Wiggins, Brewer 4 - Tomic, Evans 5 - Favors, Gobert
The Jazz get their franchise player (Wiggins or Parker) without giving up Favors
The Jazz have their #2 and #3 guys in place with Favors and Hayward The Jazz keep a great bench spark in Burks The Jazz are able to reduce redundant talent: Neto/Burke (same size & style), Kanter/Favors both inside players Players fit the Jazz philosophy better multiple pick and rolls, 4 out 1 play The Jazz take on $12M in salary but fill in their roster fairly well and still have some cap cap Karasev has 1 year guaranteed and will expire before we need to extend Burks Jack & Brewer 2 years, expire before we extend Wiggins The Jazz will be able to capitalize on player development with such a young roster and open up spots for Neto, Tomic and Gobert to continue to develop

Cavs - 1 - Irving 2 - Waiters 3 - ? 4 - Love, Thompson 5 - Zeller
The Cavs can get more value in a different trade scenario but bringing in Love and keeping cap space can let them go after Lebron The Cavs get the best player in the trade but trade away future potential The other contracts are all non-guaranteed They have the cap room to go after another big name and still fill out their roster

Timberwolves - Get the worst part of the deal, but are limited in what they can do with Love wanting out
Get a replacement for Love with 20-10 double/double potential in Kanter Get a valuable young player in Young Clean up their books with two non-guranteed contracts, and 3 expiring deals Are able to trade Martin & Brewer's long term contracts They also get 2 lottery picks and two more 2nd round picks to build from

Lakers - Trade Nash for a much healthier Kevin Martin Get two young players on rookie deals, to pair with free agents Get a great young point guard valued near a #9 pick in this draft Get the 23rd pick to target additional needs
Tell me what you think.

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