The Downbeat #1390: The Day After Edition

Mike Stobe

The Utah Jazz draft Dante Exum (5) and Rodney Hood (23) in the 2014 NBA Draft

Yay, yesterday was the NBA draft and now all the speculation can end. It feels nice to know who we have and start learning about them.

All the good feelings!

And this from earlier on Draft Day haha

Dante Exum's twitter:

Dante Exum's IG:

Rodney Hood:

Hood fell into the Jazz's lap like Exum did

Hood seems like a great guy:

Hood's Twitter:

Hood's IG:

Exum is a bit of a mystery. My_lo had this to say about him

USA Today did a nice article on Exum the day before the draft The article talks about why Exum did not play college. ball,  It is like were drafting a kid straight out of high school. Exum's dad, Cecil played on the 1982 North Carolina Championship team with Michael Jordan. The article also addresses why he only worked out for three teams. (not the Jazz)

Here is a quote about how Exum's stock began to rise:

In April 2013, the then-17-year-old Exum put on a show at the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, Ore., scoring 16 points and stealing some of the spotlight from the big-name players also participating in one particular game — which also featured likely top-10 picks Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle.

Then came the FIBA Under-19 World Championships last summer, in Prague. Hampered by an ankle injury, he played his worst game against the United States — seven points 11 minutes of action — he still averaged more than 17 points per game during the tournament.

"He really stepped out and had a great tournament," Fraschilla said. "I was there, watched him play. I don't remember any NBA general manager there. Basically, just scouts — very, very few decision-makers.

Dante's scouting video from Draft Express

Dante's interview before he was drafted

Dante being selected by the Utah Jazz

Welcome Dante Exum!

BTW Dante has a whole bunch of Foot Locker commercials. So cool to have a player that is recognized!!

List of more: - Fan mail feat Dorky neighbor reservation feat 'Paparazzi" feat

Last but not least :

Answer Moni's question :)


How did the Jazz do in this draft?  Are you excited about our picks?

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