Fanbeat: Are we too fixated on the F5?



So i've been reading the comments on several downbeats, fanpost and stuff. And it seems that some of us Jazz fans can't seem to part with the F5. But how good are the F5? Are they really the way foward? Lets analyze the individuals, one by one, plus Gobert.

Trey Burke

Statline for 2013-14 season

12.8ppg(38%FG , 33% 3PT, 90.3% FT), 5.7APG, 3RPG, 0.6SPG, 0.1 BPG, 1.9TOPG (Assist:TO of 3:1) 32Min/Game


Burke, for me, has his ups and downs. Sometimes he can be flat out great but other...meh. He's definitely going to be a good starting PG, but will he really be an all-star, let alone superstar/franchise player? To me, probably not. His shooting is great, but at that NBA level, he lacks the athleticism to really drive to the hoop and get high percentage shots. So that leads to him taking bad jumpers at times. I like his assist:TO ratio, and i know his assist will only climb next year (no more Corbin offense). However, I'm just not sold on Burke. Defensively, he has problems. Being not that athletic means he sometimes has trouble guarding his man, and he lacks explosiveness to explode to the rim. Size is a issue as well, he's only 6'0. I know many might say, "look at CP3!", but CP3 is a complete different animal. CP3 is a lot more athletic, and much more pesky on defensive, whereas Trey tends to be a bit passive. CP3 is also a assist machine, but Burke is more of a shooter. Burke IS good, but i just don't really see him being GREAT, just because of his defensive potential, athleticism and size. Lets see how he does in his 2nd season before deciding anything though, as I'm not sold on Exum either (i'm excited though).

Alec Burks

Statline for 2013-14 season

14ppg(45.7%FG , 35% 3PT, 74.8% FT), 2.7APG, 3.3RPG, 0.9SPG, 0.2BPG, 1.9TOPG, 28MIN/Game

I'm sold on Burks. Let me just say that first. He looks like he's definitely got a lot of potential, and still has, because his development was corbed. He can slash, shoot, and has a much underrated defense. Ironically though, most trade rumors involving the Jazz always seem to revolve around Burks. He can come in and get really hot at times, and i do think that you can really compare Burks to Dwayne Wade. He still has some issues to work on, but Burks, for me, should stay.

Gordon Hayward

Statline for 2013-14 season

16.2ppg(41.3%FG , 30.4% 3PT, 81.6% FT), 5.2APG, 5.1RPG, 1.4SPG, 0.5BPG, 2.8TOPG, 36.4MIN/Game

Let's just say that my view is Hayward is a good starter, but will never be all-star caliber. Yes, you can argue at his impressive statline, yes you can argue that he had to run a bad Corbin offense. But no, it does not mean he is any better than he is. Would Hayward REALLY contribute these numbers in any other team? I really doubt so. His stat only looks this good because he is the focal point of offense in Utah. Yes, he is underrated in the league (at times), but i think us Jazz fans are OVERRATING him. His may have SNEAKY athleticism, but it's still not GREAT athleticism. He's shooting isn't that great, as the stat show his 3PT% is only 30.4. Yes, he had to take many, many shots as he was the main focus point, so that obviously includes bad shots. And he has the odd/even 3pt curse. But well, i'm just not sold that Hayward can really be the man to bring Jazz to anything special. Face it, you guys would take PG24 if you could re-do the draft. I am so going to receive backlash now :P .

Derrick Favors

Statline for 2013-14 season

13.3ppg(52.2FG%, 66.9% FT), 1.2APG, 8.7RPG, 1.0SPG, 1.5BPG, 1.8TOPG, 30MIN/Game

Even though i mentioned trading Favors in a recent fanpost, that's actually because i think he's our only asset with quite a lot of value. He IS our defensive presence. Sure, he has areas that he can improve on, but he is really young, has the correct size and looks like he still has alot of untapped potential. Yes, i still think that he is on a big contract (12.25mil is like, 1/5 of the cap). He's a keeper for me.

Enes Kanter

Statline for 2013-14 season

12.3ppg(49.1FG%, 73% FT), 0.9APG, 7.5RPG, 0.4SPG, 0.5BPG, 1.8TOPG, 26.7MIN/Game

I'm not really going to comment on Kanter because his development was severely corbed, so i don't really know if he can be capable of more. Obvious flaws is his defense (and defense workrate), and TO rate. He seems quite polished offensively when i see him play, and has quite a few moves, but as i said, he needs some real playing time (not coming off the bench) with a legitimate offense to see how he really is.

Rudy Gobert

I did quite alot of analysis into Gobert this season, but he didn't really play in the NBA, so i don't really know how good he'll be. I think he can be really useful, if used correctly though.

So...what's the deal?

Well, it would seem that we don't really have a franchise/cornerstone player in the F5. We have plenty of GOOD players, and some could be an allstar (FAVORS) but thats it really. So what i'm trying to get at is that all these players ARE expendable. If a trade makes sense, trade them. If they demand too much cash, don't sign them. There are other players in the league that could slot in at any time. The F5 is not totally our future. As for the poll below, i can only see the F5 making the playoffs semis....and thats it. What do you think?Comment and vote!

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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