Fanbeat: Dante Exum the coward?

Is Dante Exum a coward? Some of the comments had said so. Some people might think so. But in truth, he isn't. I don't think Jazz fans know the whole story about him not working out for the Jazz, so let me just clarify that he is NOT a coward by explaining WHY.

I believe his these few points swayed the decision

  • Doesn't want to go to a small market team, unless drafted really high, as he's scared of losing his sponsorships.
  • Trey Burke. Really. He wants to play right away, and doesn't want his development to be stagnated
  • Wants to live in big city. Melbourne and Canberra are big cities. SLC isn't. He would adapt to LA much better than SLC, at least in his thinking
  • Laker fan
  • Rob Pelinka, his agent


I think Exum will find that his sponsorship will not be cut. This is because even though SLC is a media black hole, the sponsors are trying to attract the attention of Australians not Americans. For those who don't live in AUS, i'll have you know he was all over the news when he got drafted, and even people who don't watch basketball knew him after that day. So why would Adidas or Red-Bull cut their sponsorship on Australia's 'next big thing'?


As for Burke, this is understandable, but i believe coach Q will make it work and eventually Dante will take over Trey's spot.

Big city, the Lakers

Salt Lake City isn't big, nor populated. I'm pretty sure the entire state of Utah has a population that is less than Melbourne (the place he used to live in). It would be much easier to adjust to a big city then to stay in SLC. Also, i believe he is a Lakers fan. However, he should not worry, as so far, most players that go to SLC adapt to SLC, and that going to the Jazz is going to be so much better than to the Lakers, development wise. I know he kinda models his game after Kobe, and that having Kobe with him could help, but i don't think so. He'll be deprived of the ball in LA, and if he doesn't play that well, he'll be all over the news as a possible draft bust. In Utah though, he'll be running the offense, and if he screws up, ESPN ain't going to cover Utah, as it's a media blackhole. So it'll work out for Exum. I'm sure.

Oh, and i think Exum will change his mind (about supporting Lakers) after staying with Utah. Most people don't know how Utah is like, and how it's scenery is heaps better than LA. If any team can do it, Utah can.

Rob Pelinka

I'm pretty sure Exum's draft stock was raised because of this guy. But from what i've heard, he's kind of a D***Head. So not surprised he didn't want Exum to come to the Jazz, as he would probably earn less. Ha, if only i could see his face when the Jazz drafted Exum, or when Orlando picked Gordon.

Exum coming to the Jazz will only do good for its media, increasing Jazz's fanbase as well as making basketball more noticeable in Australia. Most Australians would rather watch AFL or Rugby, but after this, i think he may have swayed some minds.

Sidenotes: Even though i'm hyped about Exum, it got drained a little when i found out he supported Essendon. I don't like Essendon. At all. Oh, and Diante Dante, Burke Burks. Gonna be fun criticizing the commentators :)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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