Gordon Hayward and Capspace

Well, it's kinda obvious that a few guys have been arguing about what to offer Gordon Hayward, and how it would affect the future. But let me settle the disputes right here in this fanpost.

I think Hayward's contract should be base on 2 things:

1) does he care about the Jazz?

2) is he worth it?

For 1), if he does care about the Jazz he would take a pay cut. Not a big one, but a paycut to help. He surely knows that the Jazz have to resign Burks and Kanter, and those 2 who cost around (at least) 15MIL/Year. Add the Rookie contracts, and the other contracts, and you end up with not so much cap space. So in order for the team to move forward, everyone has to take a small paycut, and Hayward can set a perfect example for others to follow. If he just wants the most money, i say there really is no point keeping him, so let him walk.

For the mathemathics part,it's simply really. Burks, Kanter and Hayward will take up 28Mil/Year (assuming Hayward takes 13/Year), and the capspace is 63Million. 63-28-12 (Favors)=23Million left, not including the rookies and other players on the squad. Essentially, that will turn out into a bad situation for the Jazz. 4 years later (Rookies final year), can the Jazz really work for a allstar/superstar in the free agency with bad capspace? I think not. SLC is already unappealing to players for one reason or another, so offering less money will not do. What about offereing Exum extensions? How much will that cost if he becomes a star? 15Million or more per year?

So 4 years in, this is how the situation looks

Exum: 4.8MIL
Burks: 7.5MIL
Hayward: 16MIL (increasing near max contract)
Favors: 12MIL
Kanter: 7.5MIL

Total: 47.8MIL
Estimated cap at 66MIL in 4 years (prediction)
18.2MIL left to work with.
Burke: 3.5MIL
Gobert: 2MIL

Now only left with 10.4MIL to fill at least 4 spots

As far as i'm concern, 10.4 Million is hardly enough to sign a all-star/superstar, especially to the Jazz. Plus, if Exum gets an extension his salary will rise about 10MIL, so things will get really bad in the fifth year, unless Hayward is dropped.

This is why i say everyone probably needs to take a reducing contract if they want Jazz to succeed at all. If everyone takes reducing contracts, by the fourth year we should have around 18MIL to work with.

Of course, by that time we could drop one of the players (amnesty?) and get even more capspace to pursue a allstar/superstar to play for the championship ring along with Exum.(EG drop Hayward and you have SOO much more cap to work with)

For 2), we all know that Hayward is good. Not great, but good, you know, above average in everything, not great at anything. Or basically a role player on a championship team. We of course know that Hayward, whilst rebuilding, can help, but when we get close to a championship (hopefully), in 4-5 years time, Hayward is not the person you want to be starting. Exum is a good slasher that can improve his shooting, Burks much the same. Favors is the defensive presence, and Kanter, i don't really know about Kanter yet. If he doesn't develop well he can always be kicked out using a salary dump trade. So IMO, Hayward is nowhere near the max some teams claim they will offer, and if they do, i think it'll be stupid matching it. Why not spend the cash on someone like Paul Pierce or Luol Deng, savvy vets that can really help the team learn and win (With Coach Q, he'll still let the youths develop, UNLIKE CORBIN). Of course, we'll only sign them to a 2 or 3 year deal at some ridiculous price, but after they get too old we can just let them walk and pursue a REAL superstar at a MAX deal as we would have a ton of capspace (as i said above, dropping hayward=more cap, and even IF everyone doesn't take a reducing contract, Jazz would have around 25Million or more to work with in year 4).

But, if Hayward does take a smaller contract, and is loyal, i would have no problem with him coming back :)

Quick summary

1) If he doesn't care, he can take a hike
2) Not worth it offering above average a max deal, better to just sign a 2nd Tier savvy vet then dump them after 2-3 years. No problem of him coming back if he takes a pay cut though.
(Would not use this method if Corbin was coaching though :P )

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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