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Do the Jazz have a primary scoring option?

The Jazz have a poor defense, which they try to hide with a slow pace. This keeps scoring low as well. The unintended problem here is that we don't know much about our potential primary options on offense. Do the Jazz have one on this current roster?

40 at 40 Part 26: Who is our best defender?

It's Derrick Favors, right? This is dumb. You must have some real interesting points to make here if it's not Derrick Favors. But it's Derrick Favors, I mean, c'mon? It's gotta be. Okay fine, Amar! I'll read this post!

40 at 40 Part 25: 53.65

If you follow the Jazz you know what this number means.

Post Trade Deadline Hangover?

The Jazz have played eight games since the trade deadline and, well, some players have stepped it up. Others? They're may be experiencing a post trade deadline hangover....

Is Rudy Gobert too good to play?

After a long hiatus, we've found another possible Tank Oddity -- is Rudy Gobert actually too good to use?

Alec Burks' ability to get to the line is a weapon

Alec Burks was drafted with an NBA ready skill, getting to the line. With consistent minutes this season he's showing he can get there regularly. Over the last 15 games he's turned it into a weapon. Can he build his game around this?

40 at 40 Part 24: Theories of Development & TBurke

The Jazz may finally get it right this time. After such a long time.

NBA Free Agency Primer 2014: The Utah Jazz

The first step to self improvement is to take a long look at yourself.

Poll: Are the Wolves "pesky" still?

I don't like the term 'pesky', and I do not think that it applies to Minnesota. And I have a set of statements to prove or disprove. Find out if I'm right or wrong!

History of former Jazz player "Revenge Games"

Since the 2007-2008 season and today there have been 35 players to move away from the Utah Jazz. Many of them retired or moved to other leagues. Some of them got a chance at a revenge game. Let's break it down.

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