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Jazz waive Andris Biedrins, sign Erik Murphy

The Utah Jazz have made some roster moves, with you know, 6 games left in the season. They report: The Utah Jazz announced today that the team has claimed rookie forward Erik Murphy off waivers...

Do you know how many mins a Top 5 Drafted big gets

In the last six NBA Drafts there have been 15 bigmen drafted among the top five spots. Some are better than others. Some have gotten more chances to show what they can do. Let's look at the data.

Coach Nick: Hayward might get a max deal

Just watch this amazing video by Coach Nick (@BBallSource) about Utah Jazz guard/forward Gordon Hayward, vis a vis his 2013-2014 season and NBA Free Agency.

Happy Birthday John Stockton!


Happy birthday to one of the best ever

40 at 40 Part 28: Menes Killiams, & forward powers

Why did we ever let it be a Marvin or Enes thing? It always should have been a Marvin and Enes thing.

Free Agency 2014: Will agents make a difference?

The Jazz organization are a family run business. Players used to negotiate their contracts with a handshake. Those days are over now. With free agency looming will agents make a difference?

40 at 40 Part 27: Utah Jazz can't count to three

The Utah Jazz franchise has a problem with threes. We don't take them, and most seasons we don't make them. This season two players are doing a good job and part of an elite group. But they need...

Do the Jazz have a primary scoring option?

The Jazz have a poor defense, which they try to hide with a slow pace. This keeps scoring low as well. The unintended problem here is that we don't know much about our potential primary options on...

There's a lot of Utah in Tyrone Corbin

Tyrone Corbin has played basketball all around North America, and been a part of many franchises over his career. He's been around, but he's been nowhere more than Utah. While we may not regard him...

40 at 40 Part 26: Who is our best defender?

It's Derrick Favors, right? This is dumb. You must have some real interesting points to make here if it's not Derrick Favors. But it's Derrick Favors, I mean, c'mon? It's gotta be. Okay fine, Amar!...

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