The Downbeat - 31 July - The Happy Birthday Harry Edition

  1. So was the Boozer to Grizz rumor floated by Pelinka? Not sure what they gain by having it come out that Boozer was going to be traded to Memphis. But according to Luhm, he spoke with several sources that stated it didn't happen. Any basketball camps in Memphis right now?
  2. There's a Right Guard ad on where you can win a chance to play with Chris Paul. The ad reads, "Can't beat him? Join him." I guess they should put a disclaimer that Deron Williams doesn't qualify.
  3. AK takes the 10 spot on the top 10 dimes of the year: . No DWill though. No CP3 either.
  4. moni provides some help with the Downbeat with this one: Now that Collins and Knight are gone, and if Harp retires, who do we complain about getting too much court time?
  5. - My boy decorated this gift I received.

The Downbeat - 30 July - The Perseverance Edition

  1. If I somehow manage to do the Downbeat every day from now until the start of training camp, it will be no small feat. In fact, it would blow Cal Ripken's streak out of the water.
  2. If you thought that Twitter made you feel dirty, I checked out as they have a copy of the Rockets schedule for 09-10. Looks like we play them first on Nov 2, just a few games into the seaseon. Yes, I'm that desperate for Jazz news.
  3. Anyone put in for Jazzbots?
  4. Without using the word Boozer, what's your one wish for the upcoming season?
  5. In just about 30 hours, D_Will_8_4real is over 1000 followers. Too late to change now, but he totally should have had "ninja" in his username.

The Downbeat - 29 July - The Twitter Will Consume You Edition

  1. Got a couple of notifications the past couple of days of some new Twitter followers. I won't out you here, but thanks for following.
  2. However improbable, and believe me it is, but for the sake of discussion, what if Boozer is still with the team come the start of the season and the Jazz go on an absolute tear. Let's say at the All-Star break, the Jazz are somewhere around 40-10. Now what do you do? Do you still trade Boozer?
  3. I'm cheating a bit here, but thought this should be separate. Now what if the Jazz somehow made it to the Finals. I won't say whether they win or they lose. How does Boozer look to fans now? Assuming of course that he's a big part of it.
  4. Worst thing you've done at a Jazz game (or NBA game if you haven't seen the Jazz)?
  5. If Stockton and Malone are captains and they're alternating picks from current or former Jazz men for a 3 on 3 tourney + 1 alternate, who are they picking? They're included in the 3.

The Downbeat - 28 July - The El Nino Edition

  1. "Boozer, I wish you would shut your big yapper!" Another day, another radio appearance by Booze. This promotional tour brought to you by Windows ME.
  2. Why haven't the Jazz been able to fleece the Grizzlies in helping to make a trade? Seems like the Jazz should be next on the list.
  3. From Boozer's interview, "We are all going through a tough time right now financially." Are you serious Boozer? He has to be saying these things on purpose, right?
  4. From Luhm's interview with Harpring: "The [knee] cartilage isn't there any more -- it just isn't." I know we won't get any salary cap relief if he retires, but maybe the Jazz would get a little relief financially from insurance? Do they get a salary cap exception?
  5. Any Jr. Jazz stories from growing up? Or from your own kid?

The Downbeat - 27 July - The What Happens in Vegas Edition

  1. No pillow fort stories out of Vegas, so that's good. Sounds like all the boys had decent showings, but nothing that blew away the USA execs.
  2. By my count, yesterday was the 10th day after the Jazz matched for Millsap. So he should have the $10M check in hand by now. After taxes, agent fees, union dues, tithing, that's only like $4-5M. Chump change.
  3. Tyrus Thomas or bust! Or cap space!
  4. It's pretty evident that Deron will do anything for charity. Golf tourneys, back flips, dodge ball... Any other events Deron should set up?
  5. Your next offseason milestone to make it to - the release of the pre-season and regular season schedules. They came out the first week in August last year.

The Downbeat - 24 July - The Pioneer Edition

  1. For those outside of Utah, today is the biggest state holiday, Pioneer Day. Born on this day, Karl Malone. Millsap is of course #24. Any other 24 Jazz-related stuff?
  2. Speaking of #24, he, #26, and #9 are in Vegas at the Team USA Mini-camp. What do you think would be their best gambling game? Could Brewer play craps? You know, he has that funky release.
  3. AK has been working out and has apparently put on 18 according to KOC. It would be great if he came back ripped like Ronnie was last year.
  4. Any movies yet to come out that you're looking forward to?
  5. We know Boozer no longer wants to be in Utah. And he's not talking to any Utah media. But should he still be here come training camp, he'll finally have to face the music. Do you think he'll do an about-face and say how much he likes it in Utah, playing with Deron, and that this was his number 1 choice all along?

The Downbeat - 23 July 2009 - The Zapruder Edition

  1. So the vids finally come out of LeBron getting dunked on. I thought it was a great dunk (from what you can see), but certainly nothing that LeBron should have felt threatened about. Was he really dunked on? His head doesn't move. It should have snapped back and to the right.
  2. A t-shirt for Jordan:
  3. First day without a press conference, summer league, boozer news, etc. There's been a real dearth of Jazz news/rumors. I think I'm going to start an anonymous trade rumor to see if it gets picked up. Stay tuned.
  4. So, one of my many projects that keeps me pulled in all directions and normally prevents me from completing any of them is I was going to launch it last year but couldn't quite get it off the ground in time. It's ramping up and will be ready for the start of the season. It's sole purpose will be to ensure Deron's annual selection to the All-Star team. Just a placeholder for now, but it's coming.
  5. Seinfeld reflects life. I could tie any occurence in your life to a Seinfeld episode. Try to stump me.

The Downbeat - 22 July - The World Tour Edition

  1. KOC on 1320 KFAN and @lockedonsports yesterday, "We have not told Carlos that will trade him. We have not mutually agreed to trade him. We are here to win games." The next media outlet he talks to had better call him out on this.
  2. In case you're not following me on Twitter (@slcdunk), why haven't the Jazz told told Booze to shut the hell up? This has to be considered conduct detrimental to the team. Start fining him if he opens his mouth again. Even if you're not going to trade him, how are his words not going to be an issue in the locker room?
  3. If you don't officially follow me on twitter, you can still "follow" me and not feel like you're caving. Just put in your RSS reader. See, that doesn't feel as dirty. And you can still say you're not on Twitter.
  4. From Ross Siler, "Deron Williams and Kyle Korver will host "Dodge Barrage," a charity dodgeball tournament, Sept. 12 at the Jazz's practice facility." Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn better be in attendance. The cost is $400 a team. What would be the team name if SLCDunkers entered?
  5. Not often I've put a link in the Downbeat, but moni's post is hilarious (you'll have to copy/paste)

The Downbeat - 21 July - The David Locke will soon control all Jazz media Edition

  1. Congratulations to David Locke on becoming the new play by play guy. Please don't try to make up catch phrases. Just steal them like Hot Rod did.
  2. Speaking of Hot Rod catch phrases, "You gotta love it, baby!" would have to be the name for his autobiography, right?
  3. O'Connor was on Locke's show yesterday and stated that they were expecting Boozer to play this season. Of course, part of that is him not wanting to tip his hand. But that statement sounds an awful lot like the statement he made when AK wanted to be traded.
  4. Boozer stated to the Miami Herald that he and the Jazz had "mutually agreed" on a trade and the Miami was his first choice. See how it is Chicago? He doesn't even play for your team and already he's already talking behind your back.
  5. My preferred trades: #1 Some package where we get Tyrus Thomas. #2 The rumored Houston deal with Landry and Battier. #3 Haslem from Miami. #4 Siberian Snow Cats

The Downbeat - 20 July 2009 - The Baghdad Bob Edition

  1. has a great post on Millsap's agent's contradictory statements. How do you navigate through all the crap that came out of everyone's mouths? And it wasn't just them, papers like the Oregonian would publish things that were contradicted later like there being a three-way trade in place.
  2. While I think Boozer will be gone before training camp, the Jazz are stubborn enough to keep him around until they find the best deal. They've never really bowed to trade demands. AK's request being the most recent. And I remember Malone's "I've played my last game in a Jazz uniform" statements. This time seems a little different though.
  3. Last year we had Life Off, Game On (or Pants Off, Game On). What's next year's theme?
  4. With Boozer, we're right at the 13 minimum players needed. Should the Jazz trade Booze for just one players and a pick(s), anyone you would like to see the Jazz sign?
  5. About two months until training camp! Man, that it a long ways away.
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