The Downbeat - 17 July - The Paul Millsap Era Edition

  1. A "real" post coming on everything. But quickly, we're at a huge turning point in Jazz history. Trading and All-Star and banking on the power forward from La. Tech. That sounds familiar...
  2. Seriously, those jerseys won't last long. I mean, they only have a shelf life of probably 100 years.
  3. When Boozer's new team comes back to the ESA, what are the odds that Booze plays? Do the Jazz have a better shot at winning it all?
  4. Dwyane Wade is messing with everyone @dwadeofficial on Twitter. He announces last night, "I got GOOD NEWS coming.....stay tuned...." Then tells everyone to stop speculating. Tease.
  5. What should the Millsap/Boozer head-to-head be called at the ESA should it come to fruition?

The Downbeat - 16 July - The AK-47 Destroys Twitter Edition

  1. Could we see Boozer moved today? Here's the newest trade rumor: Boozer for Hansbrough straight up. Sloan wanted me to pass that along.
  2. So Masha is on twitter at @mashk.. I asked her to get AK on twitter. That would be awesome. Since @ak47 is already taken, what would his handle be?
  3. What would the rest of the Jazz players' (that don't currently have one) handles be?
  4. I've become enamored with Tyrus Thomas after watching YouTube highlights of him all day yesterday. I can't recall the Jazz having an athletic big man like him. Now that means we don't get him I guess.
  5. Carlos Boozer jerseys on sale now at for only $135, that's $45 off the normal price! Man, I can't think of anyone that would buy that.

The Downbeat - 15 July - The Harry Potter and the Curse of the Betrayal Skull Dude Edition

  1. Ronnie P back in effect. Is that too 1990's talk?
  2. Right now some fans are actually talking themselves into Boozer and saying, "I know what he's done to Cleveland and to Utah, but he won't do that here."
  3. I don't know where my suddenly Boozer hate comes from. I've been pretty easy on him really until recently. I still think he's a tremendous player. I am thinking emotionally instead of logically. But when I go back and look at his actions and quotes, it pushes anything good that he's done out of my mind.
  4. My Harry Potter fever has cooled over the past couple of years, but I'm still stoked to see the movie. Any early reviews?
  5. Speaking of movies, I know I'm going to have to see New Moon when it comes out. I went to Twilight with my wife and even she thought it was bad. Why does the vampire guy (forced exhale) talk like (forced exhale) this throughout the movie (forced exhale) and keep looking all around? What I'm getting at is why hasn't someone create a theater with either two screens side by side or one of top of another? One would have the chick flick and the other would have a guy's movie. Then you just wear a set of headphones for what movie you'd like. There you go. Take my idea and run with it. Just give me free movie passes.

The Downbeat - 14 July - The Revenge of the Jazz Edition

  1. Is this the Blazers edge? From Aldridges article: "The spreading of that rumor has led more than one team to repeat the charge, often heard around the NBA, that potential "deals" that involve the Blazers -- and, pointedly, always seem to favor the Blazers -- are conveniently leaked at optimum times." Ask Darius Miles about how that works.
  2. A lot of discussion on yesterday's DB and on Twitter last night about keeping up with all the Jazz blogs. I highly recommend Google Reader. The only downside is that you can't comment from there.
  3. Some insight into that backflip from Deron from @KidCoolC (CJ); "Raising some good money at Tha charity ..... Dwill just raised 10k by saying he would do a backflip lol crazy."
  4. Do we need a Jazz match Millsap countdown? It didn't work out so well with the last one.
  5. If Michael Bay is making a movie about the Jazz, who gets cast and what parts of Salt Lake get blown up? Maybe an international plot?

The Downbeat - 13 July - The As the NBA Turns Edition

  1. Can we just get to October already? I'm tired of the drama from this offseason.
  2. Who's repping Millsap? Don King? Some of the statements from over the weekend blew me away. That's why it's tough to have family involved in business. The Millsaps are learning about the business side of things pretty quick.
  3. News from the DesNews, Jazz looking to Miami for a trade? Who do they ask for?
  4. How have there been no Michael Jackson sightings yet?
  5. Millsap, Boozer, and the KOOF walk into a bar...

The Downbeat - 10 July - The Turkish Delight Edition

  1. "Yeliz, we're staying in Utah!"
  2. Spirited comeback yesterday by the Jazz summer league squad. Down 23 at one point, the Jazz were able to comeback behind the Bobcats' Derrick Brown's (weird) 25 points. He had a nice slam towards the end of the game to cut the lead to 1 and then a three-point play on an and-1 to tie things up. Orlando went Ice Ice Cold to finish out the fourth and OT. The announcers were somewhat bearable in this one and OT killed them. Goran SUton had 10 boards. Maynor didn't have a good game going for just 1 & 1 on 1-5 shooting. Kevin Kruger finished out the game and had 16 points. Great basketball. A group of no-namers playing to get contracts, but also playing the game right. The Jazz bench was on its feet for most of the fourth cheering on guys that they're in direct competition with for a spot.
  3. Call the Blazers' bluff. If we know they're bluffing, the FO has to know too, right? I don't do anything that helps them. They're already tough enough. Tell them to make their offer to Millsap.
  4. I better get a move on on my next "real" post as it directly involves Boozer.
  5. I like the list FanShot look, but I don't like that links aren't clickable and that I can't use pics on occassion. Should I stay with the list-type FanShot or go with a regular post with a list of 5?

The Downbeat - 9 July - The #freejordancrawford Edition

  1. I love the Downbeat, but I think it's time to start working on a "normal" post. Begin working now...
  2. David Locke said that perhaps Portland has interest in Millsap. That scares me because their owner has the deepest pockets in the league and could offer something huge. Locke stated that if it's in the 8-9M range, you have to let Millsap go. I think 9 is the magic number for the Jazz FO.
  3. David Thorpe tweeting on Suton: Suton has a lot of holes in his game. Izzo is a genius. Suton hasn't done much in the summer league to get himself a deal. But with the Jazz needing to get the the league minimum roster requirements, and not take a huge hit on the luxury tax, he would come cheap. James Augustine has looked good though. HansBro had 24 & 5 and Roy Hibbert had 21 & 8. Koufos did not play but had 5 rebounds.
  4. Anderson Varejao just got $10M per, what does that do for Millsap?
  5. Let's say the Jazz are at about 30-20 (.600) at the all-star break next year. That mark last season would have put them at about 6th or 7th in the west. So it's likely that they're going to make the playoffs, but they're not looking like they're going to be a serious contender. What do YOU do at the trade deadline? We all know what the Jazz FO will probably do, but what moves, if any, would you make?

The Downbeat - 8 July - The "you're commenting on this from your toilet" Edition

  1. Maynor was just 2-9 last night from the field but got to the FT line 7 times and converted them all. He finished with 12 & 4 and pulled in 5 rebounds.
  2. News over the weekend while I was out, Hedo spurning Portland for Toronto. As a player, that doesn't make sense. But as those with wives or girlfriends know, the women have a lot of say. I can think of Fisher, Boozer, and AK whose wives have a lot of pull. There's your next reality series, "WIves of the NBA." I bet you they're secretly controlling the league.
  3. First day that free agents can officially sign with teams. Man, I wonder who we're bringing to Utah. Wait, we don't have any money :(. Is it too early to be talking about 2010?
  4. Two new features at SLCDunk (and other SBN sites). First, stories will have a re-tweet this button for those twitters that tweet. Secondly, SBN has finally made mobile commenting possible. So now you can participate in game threads and blast my posts from wherever you can get an internet connection.
  5. Your daily KOOF update from Ross Siler, "Kosta Koufos isn't playing in Orlando due to a dislocated ring finger on his left hand but that didn't stop him from arriving at the RDV Sportsplex a half-hour ahead of his teammates Tuesday to do some lifting with Jazz strength coach Mark McKown." What Ross didn't report was that he was lifting the vans the teams drive in.

The Downbeat - 7 July - The Dislocated Finger Edition

  1. 30 SPF is not enough. You might as well use butter.
  2. The KOOF injured his finger during a pickup game. Sounds like he took our one-on-one with Chuck Norris seriously.
  3. The most ridiculous Jazz paraphernalia you own is?
  4. The KOOF on his finger: "It's a lot better now. I feel good, I'm working hard. I'm here learning and just trying to get better as a player." He forgot the sir on the end of that.
  5. Eric Maynor went for 9 & 4 in his Jazz debut. That included 25 floaters. And will someone tell the scorer to change Kosta's DNP-Coach's Decision to a DNP - Koof's Decision? He did not want to destroy the building.

The Downbeat - 6 July 2009 - The BBJ is on Vacation Edition

  1. We all know about Karl's offensive records, and we all know that Stock is the all-time leader in steals. But did you know that Karl is ranked 10th all-time in steals (9th when he retired; Jason Kidd has since surpassed him)? Does that make you miss him: a) more; b) less; c) the same; d) I don't miss him; e) Who? I'm really young.
  2. Do players get T'd up/fined/suspended for punching their own teammate? What happens the first time the Lickers play the Blazers next season, and the following ensues: 1) Ron Ron yells that he'll take Roy because Kobe's not good enough to guard him; 2) Kobe [attempts to] deck(s) Ron Ron; 3) Ron Ron drags Kobe into the stands, pours beer on him, and takes him out; 4) Vanessa screams obscenities while swinging her purse at Ron Ron's head (and J-Slo, who's at home, grabs a notepad to jot down all these new words he's never heard before)?
  3. If you could pick any Jazz player (or coach) to be your BFF, who would it be and why?
  4. A little insight into what makes AK, AK:
  5. I hereby order, I mean, ask everyone nicely to log in and comment more. I realize that it's a holiday over there in the US of A, but I'm left crestfallen and full of despair when I hit refresh (every five minutes) and there are no new comments, anywhere.
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