Jazz forward Steve Novak ready for a bigger role, excited to move family to Utah

"Haaay! He has a young family! We can't be mean to a guy with a family!" - Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

The hardest working man in the Utah media market, Jody Genessy of the Deseret News, had a great story that is a must read.

The Utah Jazz made a surprising move with a foreign club while most of us were getting down to grilling meat and getting nagged by our loved ones about "burning it" and/or "under cooking it". On Independence Day the Jazz traded fan favorite Diante Garrett to the Toronto Raptors (who will immediately waive him) for stretch four Steve Novak and a future pick. We detailed all of it here, here, here, and here. But there's more you must read. I mean it. It's a requirement. It'll be on the test later!

Jody Genessy, of the ubiquitous Deseret News, just absolutely, and beautifully explained the entire process of being traded to the Jazz in this piece. He had a phone interview with Steve Novak, and they talked about his strengths, what he can bring to the Jazz, and really gushed about Utah, and how he can't wait to move there. He has a young family and Utah seems like one of the best places to raise one.

Furthermore, there's plenty of basketball talk as well, and Novak isn't afraid of competition. Jody does a great job of giving more information on where Novak's shooting touch comes from, and explains key parts of Steve's background that I, and many other fans, didn't know of. I knew about the San Antonio Spurs connection, but I didn't know about his dedication to his craft, and his relationship with his dad. All very cool stuff to read.

Here's an excerpt:

"Utah officials can't comment officially on acquiring the 6-foot-10 forward and a future second-round pick until the NBA's moratorium ends on July 10, but don't be surprised when Lindsey returns the favor and gushes about his new player's work ethic.

"After all, Novak is a guy - a coach's son, mind you - who wouldn't step away from the basketball hoop until he hit 300 outside shots every day as a teenager en route to becoming the 2002 Wisconsin player of the year and earning a scholarship to his hometown school, Marquette.

"More than a decade later, the 2006 NCAA 3-point champion still usually puts up enough shots to snap the nets 200 times a day."

- Jody Genessy, Deseret News, 2014

It is excellent work. Read it now. Here.

Personally, I love the theory that Novak is going to be able to space the floor, and potentially do Mehmet Okur type of things on the court. I'd love that, however, let's not reduce Memo to just being a jump shooter. He could post up, get to the line, and actually do that upfake-and-drive-into-the-lane move on offense. And most people forget that he was an adequate and adept post defender, who held Yao Ming to -3.0 ppg in single coverage in that Houston / Utah series years ago. Also, the Money man was great on the glass, especially with offensive tip-ins. So far in his career Novak has yet to develop into more than a one trick pony. Maybe in Utah he will bring a whole stable of moves on offense and defense. I'd love to see it. All Jazz fans will.

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