Utah Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin will always be a big piece of the franchise coaching pie

You are the third best coach in franchise history! - Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Educational and nutritious

No matter what happens tonight in the 82nd game of Utah Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin 's fourth season, we will have to both understand and appreciate the role he has played and had on this franchise. First as a player, Tyrone played in 270 games in a Jazz uniform, over 3 different seasons. (N.B. These are regular season + playoffs combined numbers, folk.)  And now, as a head coach, he will coach his 262nd game tonight.

For a franchise that's only 40 years young it's important to recognize what a big piece Corbin has played within it.

His largest impact has been coaching -- thrust into the job mid-season after Jerry Sloan departed, Corbin was put in a situation he had very little control over. That said, he steadied the ship and sailed Big Al Jefferson to the playoffs for a feel-good season, his first full season as coach. The last two years were not so "feel-good-y", but if you add it all up, then you can see that Ty is one of the more successful coaches in franchise history.

Jazz Career Regular Season Playoffs
Coach Seas G W L % Seas G W L % Seas G W L %
1 J. Sloan 23 1,993 1,211 782 60.8% 23 1,797 1,115 682 62.0% 19 196 96 100 49.0%
2 F. Layden 7 530 265 265 50.0% 7 489 247 242 50.5% 5 41 18 23 43.9%
3 T. Corbin 4 261 111 150 42.5% 4 257 111 146 43.2% 1 4 0 4 0.0%
4 E.Baylor 4 221 86 135 38.9% 4 221 86 135 38.9% 0 0 0 0
5 T. Nissalke 3 181 57 124 31.5% 3 181 57 124 31.5% 0 0 0 0
6 B.Van Breda Kolff 3 174 74 100 42.5% 3 174 74 100 42.5% 0 0 0 0
7 S.Robertson 1 15 1 14 6.7% 1 15 1 14 6.7% 0 0 0 0
Total 40 3,375 1,805 1,570 53.5% 3,134 1,691 1,443 54.0% 25 241 114 127 47.3%

Yeah, Jerry and Frank were great. No one argues against that. But they are very hard acts to follow. We've been spoiled by success, but it's important to see that Corbin was way better than some of the first few coaches in franchise history (based upon total games coaches, and win percentage). Ty was blanked in the playoffs, but that team really shouldn't have even made the playoffs.

Love him or hate him, win or lose, Corbin was a big part of our franchise's coaching pie.



And pie is delicious.

At the end of the day, Ty is the ONLY person to play for the Jazz in the playoffs and coach the Jazz in the playoffs. That sets up apart from any other coach in franchise history (until Earl Watson comes back in 14 years). If Ty goes this year to some other franchise, with him leaves over a decade of coaching (ast + head) in Utah, and plenty of battles during up and down seasons. If he returns, he will only add more games under his belt and further ascend in both affect and importance within the history of this franchise.

Whatever happens, love him or hate him; he leaves or comes back; or he even wins or loses tonight -- nothing will take away the point that he's a big piece of what our franchise had done, and what our franchise is.

So thank you Ty. Thank you Coach Corbin.

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