NBA 2013-2014 Regular Season: Utah Jazz Games (April)

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Games: 7 (Home 4, Road 3)
Longest Home Stand: 2 games over 4 nights
Longest Road Trip: 1 game over 1 night (three different times)
Birthdays: Mark Jackson, Andris Biedrins, Randy Livingston, DeShawn Stevenson, Thurl Bailey, Tommir Green, Corey Crowder, Raul Lopez, Robert Whaley, Keon Clark, John Block, Sunidata Gaines, Scott Padgett, Spencer Haywood, Darren Morningstar, Gail Goodrich, Larry H. Miller, Dick Miller, Josh Howard, Jason hart, Marty Byrnes

Some people don't think March matters, but March happened. Pretending something matters when it just happened is like saying cheating on your wife doesn't matter, because if you don't throw out those data points then you have an agenda. Similarly, throwing out the record for the team in November is also wrong. November happened. If you add it all up, the feel good selectively remembered data + the rest of reality you get an accurate picture of what this Tyrone Corbin coached team is capable of. (Perhaps the blame should more be at the feet of the front office who purposefully did not build a team that could compete on the floor? I think so.) Anyway, March ended in a whimper where the Jazz lost five games in a row, on their way to a 2-15 month. (Btw, super negative Amar felt like the Jazz would go 7-10 in March . . . so I guess even my negativity is too rose colored for the actual Utah Jazz reality of this season.) More on the March review later . . .

Onwards, to April!



Date Seed Team Record % L10 %
4 Friday April 4 vs 11 New Orleans Pelicans 32 - 42 43.2% 6 - 4 60.0%
6 Sunday April 6 @ 6 Golden State Warriors 46 - 28 62.2% 6 - 4 60.0%
8 Tuesday April 8 vs 7 Dallas Mavericks 44 - 31 58.7% 6 - 4 60.0%
11 Friday April 11 vs 5 Portland Trail Blazers 49 - 27 64.5% 6 - 4 60.0%
12 Saturday April 12 @ 12 Denver Nuggets 32 - 42 43.2% 4 - 6 40.0%
14 Monday April 14 vs 14 Los Angeles Lakers 25 - 49 33.8% 3 - 7 30.0%
16 Wednesday April 16 @ 10 Minnesota Timberwolves 36 - 37 49.3% 4 - 6 40.0%

I think we'll be fine, no matter how many games we win.

Onwards, to the Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Mark Jackson (1), Andris Biedrins (2), Randy Livingston (2), DeShawn Stevenson (3), Thurl Bailey (7), Tommie Green (8), Corey Crowder (13), Raul Lopez (15), Robert Whaley (16), Keon Clark (16), John Block (16), Sundiata Gaines (18), Scott Padgett (19), Spencer Haywood (22), Darren Morningstar (22), Gail Goodrich (23), Larry H. Miller (26), Dick Miller (26), Josh Howard (28), Jason Hart (29), and Marty Byrnes (30).

So this is it, the final seven games of the NBA season. In all my years at SLC Dunk, I've only been in charge of four playoff games and one playoff round. Yet I still write as much as I do. It must be the brain tumor.

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