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Kanter's Reverse

Kanter Showing His Quicks with a Reverse Dunk on Cole Aldrich

Evaluating international prospects (Sam Amick on SI.com)


Interesting read, including an (unknown, of course) scout's take on each player.

AP's Report Timberwolves work out with Enes Kanter & Derrick Williams


Snippet: Ronzone said the Wolves were considering taking Kanter at No. 2, along with another player who visited on Thursday—Arizona forward Derrick Williams. "The beautiful thing about these two guys is they competed (against other players)," Ronzone said. "I thought that was great because in the old days they didn’t do that. They’re changing the style now. I like the fact that they competed." "Williams works out with current Timberwolves Michael Beasley and Wes Johnson in Los Angeles and said he’d be happy to come to Minnesota. "What impressed me today was his handle," Ronzone said. "He’s got a big-time handle. He shakes guys off of him. He goes left to right real well."

Finding a niche for Enes Kanter


Great article by Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, with video breakdowns.

The Sixers Should Inquire About the Second Pick


It makes too much sense for the Sixers to offer Andre Iguodala for the second pick, which is why it probably has no chance of happening.

Enes Kanter interview with ESPN


Chad Ford's recent interview with Enes Kanter courtesy of ESPN.com

Enes Kanter Workout Video


Working out at Attack Athletics with famed trainer Tim Grover. Kanter shows some nice athleticism dunking from just inside the freethrow line at one point. Obviously oodles of skills on display as well.

Enes Kanter work out with Tim Grover


Enes Kanter work out with Tim Grover

New Enes Kanter Video Mix


Caught this new Enes Kanter high school footage mix off of the draftexpress twitter. Dude is dominating everyone in sight. Enjoy.

Kentucky fans are taking this Enes Kanter news in stride


If you're easily offended, move on and your regularly scheduled Card Chronicle programming will resume shortly. For the rest of you, buckle up, we're taking a field trip to crazy town as we look at...

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