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One trade that will make the Spurs better.

San Antonio Gets Paul Milsap Future Second Round Pick Utah gets Stephen Jackson DeJuan Blair Gary Neal International Rights Future First Round Pick Why the Spurs would make this deal ? They finally will get their BIG. Why the Jazz would make this deal ? They have plenty of bigs to replace milsap in Favors, Kantes. All the contracts they get are only for one year. They get a pure shooter in Neal, which they really need. They get Blair also who will nicely fit into their lineup. Capt Jack is only problem but they might want his leadership and the fact that he has only 1 year left in his contract might help. Dennis Lindsay, new GM Utah Jazz, was a former PATFO.

Utah Jazz Waive Scottie Reynolds | SLC Dunk


Things are just going soooooooo well for Villanova-related things these days. Happy holidays?

Utah Jazz GM Praises UCLA's Howland


Utah GM on Lee and UCLA: "First of all I think he has been so well coached and so well-schooled by Ben Howland. . . . He’s noted as a defender right now that’s the way to get in the league and get better at everything else. . . . He’s been so well coached. Just put him out there and watch him do the things he recognizes; both defensively and offensively. "

Raja Bell signs with Utah Jazz


I'll miss his effort in that one game he played...

Gordon Hayward Raps!


G-Time drops the third verse like he was the Enola Gay! Sick! Somebody get a copy of this before his agent scrubs it from the internet! All you KOC doubters post your apologies in the comments section below!

Jonny Flynn says Deron Williams is hardest to guard in league


"But who’s the player that I think is the toughest just guarding? I’d have to say Deron Williams. Six-three, strong, can shoot the ball really well, great handle. He’s the toughest, he’s hard to guard. Deron Williams, played against him three times already – he’s really tough."

Jazz and their focus on D


I think something like this might be a god tool for Nate. Make his players accountable for each possession in each game.

Utah Jazz . . .The Grade So Far -


HoopsWorld gives their grade of the Jazz's offseason.

Are the Jazz Happy They Drafted DeShawn Stevenson?


Utah has the 23rd pick this year. The last time they had "lucky" #23, a high schooler named DeShawn landed in their lap. While the Jazz haven't always been lucky when dealing with the number 23, GM Kevin O'Conner hopes this draft trend continues.

No draft party?


I have to say this would suck. The Jazz have had a draft party at the ESA the past couple of years and it doesn't seem like there are plans to have one this year. I don't know why they would suddenly stop doing this. It's great to be around a bunch of other crazy Jazz fans and to hear all of the thoughts on who should be drafted. KOC even told the crowd who the pick was going to be right after he had phoned it in to the NBA. It was great to see the behind-the-scenes action while watching to draft on ESPN. It will be a shame if they don't have it this year. All they have to do is open the ESA and pay a few people to cover concessions (okay, maybe a little more than that). No one will care if they don't have the free hot dog and drink. What a wasted opportunity. There are die-hard Jazz fans that live for this kind of thing. Let's hope there's a quick about face to get this done.

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