The Downbeats

The Downbeat - 19 January 2011 - #407 - The Road Less Traveled Edition

What can we look forward to as the Jazz head into the second half of the season? Who is the first-half MVP for the Jazz?

The Downbeat - 18 January 2011 - #406 - The Horses Edition

Taking about making changes to the starting lineup, again. Would it do any good for the Jazz?

The Downbeat - 17 January 2011 - #405 - The Half-way Point Edition

We look at interviews with Paul Millsap and Gordon Hayward. Plus, is this stretch of relatively easy games for the Jazz a blessing or a curse?

The Downbeat - 14 January 2011 - #404 - The Not Found Edition

Where does Deron Williams rank in scoring consistency?

The Downbeat - 13 January 2011 - #403 - The From America, With Love Edition

Andrei Kirilenko could be heading to Russia to play basketball next season. That and why does Gordon Hayward think that the SLC is tamer than the NYC?

The Downbeat - 12 January 2011 - #402 - The No Matter How Bad You Have It, Someone Always Has It Worse (Unlesss You're The Cavs) Edition

The Jazz are finally back in action after a three-day lay-off. What are we going to get out of them tonight?

The Downbeat - 11 January 2011 - #401 - The I Must Bre..., Er, Join You Edition

Andrei Kirilenko becomes a US citizen. What affect will that have on the cold war?

The Downbeat - 10 January 2011 - #400 - The Only 641 DBs To Go Edition

How does the Denver/Melo trade affect the Jazz? And will someone please give Kyrylo Fesenko a TV deal already?

The Downbeat - 7 January 2011 - #399 - The CCCXCIX Edition

We look how the Jazz have done from behind the arc lately and how they have fared in opponents' three-point percentage.

The Downbeat - 6 January 2011 - #398 - The Boo Edition

Should fans boo? What does it help? And the Jazz are getting a bit of the injury bug right now.

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