The Downbeats

The Downbeat - 25 November 2010 - #368 - The Thankful Edition

  Thanks to the Miller family, the front office, and coaching staff for continuing to put out quality teams year after year and for running the organization the right way.   Thanks to UtesFan89,...

The Downbeat - 24 November 2010 - #367 - The 20 Assists? Edition

Can Rajon Rondo really make 20 assists a game? When will Mehmet Okur be back? Does it matter?

The Downbeat - 23 November 2010 - #366 - The You're Not Going To Believe Who Was At Lagoon Edition

Can CJ Miles continue his hot streak? How can we get Kyrylo Fesenko at the All-star game?

The Downbeat - 22 November 2010 - #365 - The Free-Throw Edition

How many games have the Jazz won because of free throws? Also, what is CJ's contribution to the game?

The Downbeat - 19 November 2010 - #364 - The Whip Edition

Luther Wright, former first-round pick of the Jazz, has a new book coming out. And what was Millsap's response to being left off the All-star ballot?

The Downbeat - 18 November 2010 - #363 - The Snub Before The Snubbing Edition

Paul Millsap gets snubbed before he can get snubbed. And should the Jazz go after Oden?

The Downbeat - 17 November 2010 - #362 - The Sad Fess Edition

Are Deron Williams and Paul Millsap the best 1-2 in the NBA right now? And what is Texas coach Rick Barnes doing in Utah?

The Downbeat - 16 November 2010 - #361 - The Downcap Edition

A short recap of the game last night against the Thunder and where do the Jazz rank in power rankings?

The Downbeat - 15 November 2010 - #360 - The Improbable Edition

Just how improbably was the Jazz comeback victories? And is Deron Williams frustrated in Utah?

The Downbeat - 12 November 2010 - #359 - The Media Edition

AK pops up for a radio interview, Gordon Hayward hits the big time, and Al Jefferson is on TNT

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