Utah Jazz - Trades & Transactions

Free Agency 2014: Finding 13th man for Jazz + Mins

The Jazz have 12 men on roster for next season. The cap space is still there, and Dennis Lindsey is not quite done yet. So what's up next?

Jazz guard Carrick Felix is ready to play

Carrick Felix was almost a 1st round draft pick, but after a forgettable rookie year a change of scenery couldn't have come at a better time.

Updated Jazz Capspace, Future picks after Trade

Stuff happened, and we have the most complete coverage.

NBA Trade: Exhaustive breakdown of Novak trade

Cracking the code for what this move really means.

NBA Draft: Listing all Future picks for the Jazz

Thanks to all the wheeling and dealing, the Jazz will keep Amar busy on draft night for a long time

Utah Jazz Trade for Steve Novak from the Raptors

Utah Jazz make a trade with the Toronto Raptors

40 for 40 Part 34: Utah and Free Agents

"You go live in Utah," - Derek Harper

Jazz waive Andris Biedrins, sign Erik Murphy

The Utah Jazz have made some roster moves, with you know, 6 games left in the season. They report: The Utah Jazz announced today that the team has claimed rookie forward Erik Murphy off waivers...

Free Agency 2014: Will agents make a difference?

The Jazz organization are a family run business. Players used to negotiate their contracts with a handshake. Those days are over now. With free agency looming will agents make a difference?


Kings to buyout Jimmer. Do you want him?

Yahoo! Sports Wojnarowski reports that the Kings will buyout Jimmer Fredette, making him a free agent. Is he a good fit for the Jazz? Would you want him on this team?

Waiting out the clock Trade Deadline Thread

Let's wait out the clock together

Prediction what the Jazz will do at the deadline


I have no idea what I'm doing.

Jazz claim F Malcolm Thomas, Spurs recent waivee


The San Antonio Spurs just waived this guy, the Jazz claimed him, and now is ours. But . . . who is this guy again?

40 at 40 Part 21: Jeff Hornacek and roster urgency

The '88 Jazz led by a young stars Stockton and Malone almost beat the Lakers in the 2nd round. Five seasons later they were an easy out in the first around. What happened and what changed? Jeff...

40 at 40 Part 4: What to do with Andris Biedrins?


Andris Biedrins is making a lot of money and in the last year of his contract. Some wonder if this is his last year in the NBA. He's not playing this season, and people are wondering what to do...

Poll: Who won the Utah / Minnesota Trade?

The Jazz moved up on Draft night with the #14 and #21 picks for the #9 pick which was owned by the Timberwolves. Who won?

Jazz recall Gobert and Clark; how did they do?


Jazz rookies Rudy Gobert and Ian Clark were recalled from the Bakersfield Jam after only a few days. Now they have played in all of 8 games for the D-League affiliate. How did they do, and where...

Jazz wave goodbye to forward Mike Harris


The Utah Jazz wave forward Mike Harris. Yep. That's really all the news today.

Trade Rumor: R-Jeff to Cavaliers for Bynum?


The Cavaliers and Lakers had plans to swap bigs, but have reached an impasse. Dennis Lindsey is reported to be offering up Richard Jefferson!

Jazz send Gobert and Clark back to NBA-DL

The Utah Jazz assign Rudy Gobert and Ian Clark back to the NBA-DL after fears of over-dipping them.

Are the Jazz Buyers or Sellers? Or both? Or none?


Some would say we are crazy . . .

Jazz assign Gobert and Clark to NBA-DL


Hope they play . . .

A Modest Trade Proposal


The more I've been thinking about our team, the more I think depth is the major problem. So I started looking around the NBA to see what pieces we could pick up. It took some time, but I think I...

Is this Jamaal/Diante move a Tank Oddity?


By itself, this is not a winning move by our general manager. Is this another tank oddity?

Jamaal Tinsley signing official, adds direction


So if you were debating which would happen first, training camp cuts or Gordon Hayward's extension, the Utah Jazz solved that riddle for us today. The answer is cuts. They reported that they have...

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