Utah Jazz Previews

Why you should watch the 2012-2013 Jazz


Hi, my name is Amar. I'm a guy in my 30s who lives in the midwest. And I'm a basketball fan. And I watch the Utah Jazz. I don't watch the Jazz because of some regional obligation to do so. I don't...

Tyrone Corbin is in for a big season


Often we fans are super quick to get happy and super quick to get upset. I know this is clearly the case for me at times, and I want to work on it. As a sports fan we pray and hope for victory, and...

Alec Burks, the potential is there ...


More than any other player on the Jazz, Alec Burks has the potential to become an elite scorer. But there's a lot of work that needs to happen first.

Is there Big Trouble in Utah, because of our Bigs?


There's really no doubt about it, unless you are the Los Angeles Lakers or Miami Heat -- you are envious of the Utah Jazz because we have some amazing bigs. We have quality. We have quantity. We...

Season Preview Memes 1

NBA Season Previews 2012 - 2013: Utah Jazz Memes Part 1 Yes, I spend a lot of time awake. And I spend a lot of time on-line. As a result, I loves me some Memes. And yes, I am super behind on a...

Kanter - the guy we thought we knew


Enes Kanter showed up to training camp having progressed more than most fans expected, more then the coaches expected, and the front office expected. And so what he will be this year becomes a...

Utah Jazz 2012-13 Preview - Part 4


The Inhumanity and Errors of Statistics

Marvin Williams ... Excitement and Realism


Marvin Williams has been a pretty average player in his seven year career. And so that's what we should expect him to be with the Jazz this year. Average. Which is okay.

Earl and Jamaal - Great Guys Winding Down


I really like Earl Watson and Jamaal Tinsley. Both wound up gaining my appreciation and respect far more than I had initially expected. Their careers are just about over now, but I'm glad they're...

Utah Jazz 2012-13 Preview - Yucca on Mo Williams


I'm not sure Mo's the right PG for our team. And yes: his style makes me a bit nervous as well. And so I continue looking at a unique season to anticipate. There's a lot to be excited for, hopeful...

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