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Ways to improve the team: #1 Defense

I believe the 2015 Jazz are a candidate to make a jump in wins. Not the most likely candidate, but a dark horse if you will. This is my first investigation into what it will take to actually get...

New Jazz offense will take adv of #ball handling

Consistency leads to stability, and stability leads to predictability. This year Utah is throwing those last two out the window and speeding along to the new era of basketball.

2014-15 Frontcourt: Another logjam or experiment?

Right now the Utah Jazz have six variables, and a lot of tests to do

Phil Naessens' Podcast: F5 are a reason to smile

Phil Naessens has Amar on the line, and they talk about the Jazz, development, the F5, and what to be happy about.

Coach Nick: Hayward might get a max deal

Just watch this amazing video by Coach Nick (@BBallSource) about Utah Jazz guard/forward Gordon Hayward, vis a vis his 2013-2014 season and NBA Free Agency.

40 at 40 Part 29: Not all 3s are worth the same

Let's take a deeper look at three point shot, and why some three points shots shouldn't be taken.

40 at 40 Part 27: Utah Jazz can't count to three

The Utah Jazz franchise has a problem with threes. We don't take them, and most seasons we don't make them. This season two players are doing a good job and part of an elite group. But they need...

Alec Burks' ability to get to the line is a weapon


Alec Burks was drafted with an NBA ready skill, getting to the line. With consistent minutes this season he's showing he can get there regularly. Over the last 15 games he's turned it into a...

Gordon Hayward scoring evolution, or devolution?

Looking at the Synergy Data for Gordon Hayward and finding out if he has changed how he takes control of games . . . and if it's effective or not.


40 at 40 Part 15: DRB% leads to WIN% & DEF RTG?

The defense doesn't rest until they have the ball back in their hands. The normal way this happens is by playing defense, making the other team miss, and getting the defensive rebound. Is there a...

40 at 40 Part 13: Spotting (up) offensive problems

The Utah Jazz are diversifying their offense from the traditional post up slog to one which involves a variety of ball handlers. The key is to maintain floor space by keeping the defense honest...

40 at 40 Part 11: Big Mark Eaton was Big, and Good

Mark Eaton was so big, and used so well by Frank Layden, that he made tall guys everywhere get NBA contracts without deserving them. Because they all were searching for the next Mark Eaton.

40 at 40 Part 8: The allure of the stretch big

Today's dynamic offenses are based around super capable guards and forwards who can drive and get to the rim. This has pushed the bigman farther out of the paint. Stretch Bigs are very valuable....

40 at 40 Part 6: Beware of fouls

Some how the Utah Jazz have the rep of being a team that goes crazy on the fouls. I wonder where that idea came from?

MySynergySports identifies offensive problems...

... and you may have already guessed what they are.

Derrick Favors shows off post moves w Coach Nick

Thanks Coach Nick of @BBallSource / BBallBreakdown for working with Derrick Favors here!

Who is going to lead the team in starts this year?

I know, I know . . . "it's not who starts, it's who finishes" that matters. That's a great quote, but if you actually looked at any of the quantitative data about how many (really, I did it, you do...

The Xs and Os of Big Al's big three pointer @ TOR


Taking a look at how we actually got this play to work . . .

Jazz Defensive Stats 2009-2013 in Synergy!

There are four fundamental things you have to defend against in the NBA. Guess which of these things we've defended well, and guess which ones continue to be a persistent problem over the last four...

Xs&Os: Why didn't we use Jeremy Evans as a decoy?


Taking a look at a quick out of bounds play that uses Jeremy Evans as a decoy to get a good look for Randy Foye

Bigtime scorers & what we can learn from the Spurs

A look at the Top 20 players in PPG, the Top 20 Bigmen in PPG, the Jazz -- and how well they all get to the line as a portion of their entire scoring attack.

Do Big Al's hot finishes make up for cold starts?

We look at how well Jefferson performs to finish games (last 5 minutes of the fourth, and all overtimes) vs. his starts (first 5 minutes of the first). Comparisons between his entire Jazz career...

Coach Nick breaks down the HORNS set w the Jazz!


This is short and sweet and will make you smarter.

NBA Playbook for Dummies: The Flex


A quick look at Dick Motta's flex offense, how it works, and how it has been used on the Jazz.

Xs and Os: Should the Jazz run the P&R More?


A breakdown of our offense over the last four seasons in Synergy, and a look at why the Pick and Roll isn't working.

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