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Best Home-Court Advantage in the NBA

2441947188_3af6727660_medium has their now annual GM survey up where they poll the GMs about teams and players.  The Jazz have some mentions and take the top spot again for best home-court advantage.  Let's look at some of the categories.


No shockers here for the Jazz.  They’re picked to win the NW handily, but don’t get a sniff at the winning the WC.


The Jazz didn’t do anything of significance in the offseason.  But that could end up being the reason they contend this year.


With Oden, Beasley, Mayo, and Rose dominating the headlines, Kosta Koufos isn’t going to be in any ROY talk.  Not to mention that he’s not likely to get any PT.  Kirilenko doesn't get mentioned for international players.


Um, let’s just skip this part.


Sloan is mentioned here with the other top coaches in the NBA.  I was surprised to see that he got votes for best in-game adjustments.  That’s usually one of the things that frustrate me the most about Sloan.  He sticks with his system regardless of what the other team is doing.  Ty Corbin also garners a vote for best assistant coach.


The ESA.  That’s where we shine.  And that’s why it’s imperative for the Jazz to get home-court. 

Korver gets a little love for best pure shooter.  The Jazz get three players in the "Which player does the most with the least?" category.  Memo ties for second.   Boozer and Millsap are also in there.  What’s LeBron James doing in there?  I have to assume the GM meant doing the most with the least bit of team around him.

And while I'm not going to argue having Kobe take the last shot, I can't remember the last big shot like that he's taken, at least not recently.

And Harp of course gets mention for one of the toughest players in the NBA.  Shouldn’t he be in the "Most with the Least" category?


Take a look at the GM’s survey last year and that might give you an idea of how good they are at this.  That backs up Bill Simmons’ point that most of the GMs in the NBA are horrible.

Now, I’d like to see a survey by the players themselves to see how things would be different.