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Phoenix Suns @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread - Pre-season game 2




Game two of the 2008-09 Utah Jazz pre-season bring the Suns of PHX to the ESA.

Looks like Boozer is out for the game and Koufos likely is as well. Maybe they could just tie their two bad hammies together like a three-legged race and we could forge one good hammy out of them?

AK will get the start in this game with Millsap coming off the bench this time. Quote a few stories going around about Kirilenko becoming the 6th man this season. And of course it makes sense. You wonder why it wasn't tried earlier. Harp isn't going to be any better this year, especially with his recent surgeries and complications. When he does come back, he should be just above Collins on the bench.

AK would probably thrive with the second unit as it gives the Jazz another passer to help out whoever the PG will be. AK and Millsap would provide a great defensive presence. Of course that would leave the starting bigs a bit more vulnerable. If they don't have AK back there to bail them out, their opponents could get some better looks at the basket. But part of this move would be stroking AK's ego and instilling some more confidence.

Once again, don't take too much from this game. A win is a win is a win, but we still don't have Boozer and the starters likely won't see many more minutes than the first game.

But you have to tune in to see Deron abuse Nash. And of course Shaq will be in the house.

And we'll show the rest of the league how to get behind your team in the pre-season, not like the pathetic LA crowd the other night. The Jazz are going to be turning out the lights for home games this year, but it's not clear if they'll do it for the pre-season. And let's hope the Suns fade to black at the end of the game. Unfortunately, the game won't be in HD, nor will any of the pre-season games be shown. I tell you, once you go HD, watching standard def makes you angry. The game will face competition from the MLB playoffs and from Real Salt Lake's first game at their new stadium. But I'll be here rocking.

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