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Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread - Continuing the pre-season

How ironic (I've never quite sure if I use that word right) if Morris Almond starts getting more playing time now than he ever has before due to injuries? Harpring is out again, Korver could be out (although it is likely he will play), and of course Deron is still sporting the collared shirt as opposed to the blue and white.

The Jazz have a bit of incentive to play Almond to see if they can increase his trade value a bit. Everyone knows what he can do in the D-League, but how he performs at the NBA level is unknown.

It's got to be a terribly awkward situation to be in. Essentially the team has stated that you're not needed. It's nothing personal of course. We have a slew of shooting guards still. There's just no room for him. I hope we find a team for him soon. But I also want the team to get the most they can for him.

The early pre-season continues it's pre-season feel as we'll be without at least five regulars; Williams, Harpring, Collins, Baron Davis, and Marcus Camby.

Of course the rule that you have to play the team you were traded from within five games of said trade holds true tonight. Jason Hart makes his triumphant return to the ESA and will once again be LA's starting PG because of an injury to the starter. Hart's time with the Jazz was a frustrating one for Hart, the Jazz, and for fans. His poor shot clock management and inability to learn the Jazz offense drove fans nuts. I imagine we'll hear some boos. So he was traded straight up for Brevin Knight and I suppose most will say we got the better end of the deal.

So intead of your Deron Williams/Baron Davis matchup, you get Ronnie P/Hart.

The Jazz should own this one. Boozer should rule the paint again and look for AK to be huge.

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