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Anyone want a T-Shirt?

I would be greatly underperforming on my blogging responsibilities if I did not take the next obvious step and create some T-Shirts. I'm not a graphic designer by any means. But I'd like to see what interest there would be in having an authentic T-Shirt. The t-shirts would either be at cost (whatever the lowest non-profit cost an online maker has) or the money made would go to some charity (Deron's Point of Hope maybe?).

Anyway, here's a mock that I made up. I've been kicking this around since Let me know what you think. Even if there are only a couple of requests, the start-up cost is nil because online shops don't require minimum orders.

The other shirt that I would like to create it one that would have the list of every username for SLCDunk. We'd make one every year to see how it's growing (hopefully). You could own the first and brag you were on the site before it blew up.

Anyway, answer the poll and leave comments to let me know what you think.

And if there are any designers that have any tips/criticism, please let me know.