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Utah Jazz @ Philadelphia 76ers - Game Thread -

If you're a drama TV series kind of person, then this is the game for you. We have all kinds of subplots for this one. Let's go over them,

  • Deron's going to play
  • Memo is out attending to his father in Turkey
  • Fess is trying to avoid getting kicked out of the country
  • Collins is still gimpy
  • Harp is still recovering from some football injuries
  • Kyle Korver returns for the first time to the city of Brotherly Love

Deron doesn't figure to play much. But his return may be more out of a neccessity to not burn everyone else out. If he was out, we would have been left with just 10 players. That's no less than the regular rotation anyway, but another freak injury in this game would have put the hurt on the Jazz.

So we'll have the starting lineup of Price, Brewer, Miles, Boozer, and your starting center for the Utah Jazz, Koooooooostaaaa Koooouuufooooos!

As predicted, Sloan prefers to change the rotation as little as possible when players are out. We're not going to see KK2 in crunch minutes. The Jazz will likely close with Knight, Brewer, KK, Boozer and Millsap.

Should make for an interesting game. Elton Brand always seems to kill us. Maybe throwing Boozer and Millsap at him will slow him down a bit.

Philly hasn't gotten out to the start they wanted. They're only 2-4 right now. Don't worry though, that will get you a 7 seed in the East.

And is it possible to be as excited as you are frightened to see Deron play? It seems like ages since we've seen him in action. If we didn't see him with Boler and Booner all the time on TV, I almost would have forgotten he played for us. Really, does it feel like Harp and Collings are on the team anymore?

Expect AK to be the X factor tonight, even more so with everyone out.

Let's hope we can get everyone back together soon.

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