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Utah Jazz at Washington Wizards - Game Thread - Dee Brown 17

We get our first look at Dee Brown in a couple years. After his stint in Turkey, he was able to come back to the NBA and sign with the Wiz. I don't know if we'll see too much of him outside of some fist-bumping handshakes with Deron, CJ, and the rest of the team. He's not playing too much. As much as I hated seeing Dee go, we ended up with the two good backup PGs we have now. Had Dee re-signed, I'm guessing the Jazz would have gone with Hart over Price given that Hart was signed for more and his "veteran" presence. Hart sucked, but I don't think he cost the Jazz any games last year (that I can recall). I would rather have the Price/Knight combo that we have now instead of Hart/Brown. Dee has a lot of heart (no pun intended), but I think we have the better end of the deal. I'm glad to see Dee back in the NBA. I don't think it happens for a lot of players that follow his route. Dee's official website is still despite now wearing #17 (deebrown17 is being squatted).

The Wiz are 0-5 right now. There's no reason the Jazz should lose to this team. Washington has been outplayed in almost ever facet of the game. Their closest loss was a 6 point defeat at the hands of the Knicks. Their offense and defensive rating are near the bottom,

Offensive Rating: 101.3 (25th of 30) ▪ Defensive Rating: 113.2 (28th of 30)

So the Jazz should be able to run up the score on these guys. And right now, Utah has the third-best defensive rating.

The trick will be to not letting Washington hang around. We've lost a couple of heartbreakers there (thankfully Arenas isn't playing).

I would assume Deron will play but with fewer minutes. I hope the game is out of reach in the fourth so there's no reason/temptation to play him.

Boozer/Millsap/AK should own the inside again. And let's hope Brewer remembered to pack his fourth-quarter shot with him.

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