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Utah Jazz @ Charlotte Bobcats - Game Thread -

Here's your starting DNP for the night,

Deron_medium Ak_medium Memo_medium Collins_medium Harp_medium

  • Deron - Ankle
  • AK - Finger
  • Memo - Ailing father
  • Collins - Collins
  • Harpring - Okay, so Matt is listed to play. But he should be DNP and not steal minutes from others. I guess we have to have him active in case Sloan can't go tonight.
  • Don't know the status of Fesenko.

Millsap is a bit banged up. Korver's wrist and shooting is still an issue. We have no one to help on D on the inside (more than usual). So Okafor and Wallace will probably have huge games.

We've lost to Charlotte at full strength. The game plan again will be to put the Bobcats away early and not let them gain any confidence. I think teams can smell blood because they know the Jazz aren't full strength. But damnit, if the 2004 team can win 41 games, this ad hoc lineup should be able to win.

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